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Polished Concrete Interior Decoration Options and Its Advantages

The polished concrete interior is becoming more popular for decorating the floorings of homes and other commercial spaces. Polished concrete flooring is something common and popular among floorings for varied reasons.


Design Options For Concrete Flooring

As compared to other flooring options like marble, stone, tile, wood, tiles and carpet, concrete flooring has emerged as one of the most customizable options. There are limitless possibilities for designing with concrete, thanks to the huge array of textures, colors, finishes and patterns available.


A Whole New Flavor of Concrete Flooring

Atrafloor is taking the rough lux look to pastel places. They are calling it Ice Cream Industrial.

Introducing Bonbon, Mint, Vanilla and Coal – the soft and stylish new brick designs in Atrafloor’s Ice Cream Industrial Collection. Features a pale, refreshing palette inspired by ice cream colors and flavors. This collection takes inspiration from ever-popular strawberry, mint and vanilla flavors.