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Green Home

Eco-Living – How, Why, and What

We discussed in a previous post (noted below) about making your home dwelling more eco-friendly. Let’s shift gears and address life-style changes. Things you can do inside and outside the home that are eco-friendly and more healthy to you.

Green Home

Green Changes You Can Make to Your Home in 2021: A Guide

The year 2020 will always go down as a year of great suffering and monumental change. But it’ll also go down as a year in which we came to see environmental concerns as one of the most important global priorities.

Green Home

Living Green By Building and Utilizing a Garden Compost

If you are converting to a green living lifestyle, a great “green” concept is a garden compost area. A designated place where food scraps and other bio-gradable products are placed to degrade over time making earthly compost. Nothing wasted … everything gained!