ideas: Smart Garage Storage Units to Keep It Neatly Organized

Smart Garage Storage Units to Keep It Neatly Organized

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  • Garage can get cluttered fairly quickly. Garages are for storing auto, bikes, lawn equipment, tools, and junk.

    But it doesn't have to be that way. Using smart garage organization you can assemble everything in a neatly order that make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.

first “photo remodeling” image

garage storage

Clean empty swept interior suburban garage


  • Neatly organized garage for storage and for parking autos.
  • Note the family file cabinets for storing less used, important documents.
  • Wired shelving units on walls to store camping items and coolers.
  • This garage has a computer/workbench station for research and fixing up.
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view n’ shop storage for garage
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second “photo remodeling” image

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Organized garage at interior suburban home


  • Your sunroom home office and be designed as dual functions.
  • A PC laptop table where your you work your magic during working hours.
  • A dining table for entertainment.
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third “photo remodeling” image

garage storage for tools

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Tools organized on peg board for the garage workshop


  • Beautiful design of home office with large windows.
  • High ceilings and wood paneling.
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fourth “photo remodeling” image

garage garden tool storage

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Neatly arranged garage tools hanging on a storage rack


  • Small room on the sunny side of the home.
  • Convert the sunroom into a work area with desk and chair.
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last “photo remodeling” image

garage storage

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Interior garage with wheels and boxes


  • Your sunroom could be in the attic – a nice secluded place that can be off limits.
  • Note the skylight that acts as sun entrance.
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