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canna lilies
canna lilies

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What to know about canna lilies –


  • About Canna lilies:

    cannas are large perennial plants with a rhizomatous (sending out roots and shoots from its nodes) rootstock. The broad, flat, alternate leaves grow out of a stem in a long, narrow roll and then unfurl. The leaves are typically solid green, but some cultivars have brownish, maroon, or even variegated leaves.

  • The flowers are asymmetric and composed of three sepals and three petals that are small, inconspicuous stamens. The flowers are typically red, orange, or yellow or any combination of those colors, and are aggregated in inflorescences spikes.
  • REFERENCE: information lifted from wikipedia
    INFO: all about cannas
  • Where to Grow:

    cannas are subtropical plants that needs lots of sunshine. They have a beautiful leaf foliage – mostly green but comes in other colorful varieties. They make a great backdrop amongst ornamental grasses, against building sides and fences, and intermixed with other tall flowers.

  • The flower, which is spiky, can be deadheaded for continued growth. The plant needs plenty of water for beautiful growth.
  • The plant will survive until the first frost. In warmer climates, you can cut the step down to the ground and leave the roots in the ground for the next growing season. In colder climates, it’s best to remove the bulb (rootstock) and replant it in the spring.
  • INFO: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for cannas
    INFO: learn how to plant, care, and grow cannas
  • Garden Planning:

    cannas can grow up to 3-8 feet with large tropical leaves that span up to 1-3 feet or more. They are best positioned in the back sections of your garden bed with other medium and low flowering plants up front.

  • Cannas are perfect against house fronts, side buildings, and fences. Another ideas is to plant them among ornamental grasses and shrubs.
  • Just make sure the cannas receive plenty of light and water to sustain growth and flowers.
  • IMAGES: cannas in garden beds
    IMAGES: canna lily varieties
  • IMAGES: cannas with ornametal grasses
    IMAGES: cannas in pots
  • INFO: types of cannas
    INFO: growing cannas in your garden
  • Care and Harvesting:

    cannas will grow all season long until the first frost. It’s best to deadhead fading flowers for continued flower growth. When all of flowers have faded, you can trim the plant down to root stem to allow other canna growth to take place; or leave the plant as is to enjoy the semi-tropical foliage.

  • Cannas will return each year. After 3-4 years, it best to breakup the root systems to strengthen growth. You can replant the split roots in another section of your garden.
  • YOUTUBE: how to deadhead canna blooms
    YOUTUBE: How to Prune Cannas
    INFO: Canna Lily Care!
  • Summary:
    Light:  full sun
    Soil:  loamy (fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus)
    Height:  1-3 feet, 3-8 feet
    Width:  from 1-6 feet
    Flower:  red, orange, white, pink, yellow
    Foliage:  blue/green, Purple/Burgundy, Yellowish/Gold
    Season:  summer, fall blooms
    Features:  attracts birds, cut flowers, good for containers
    Benefits:  deer resistant
    Propagation:  division, seed
    Zones:  3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11
    INFO: view growing zones
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