ideas: The Decorated Teen Bedroom – Something That Defines Their Path

The Decorated Teen Bedroom – Something That Defines Their Path

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  • Your little child is growing up. They are starting their teens and showing a bit of independence. It's going to be harder now to communicate and direct their path as they grow older.

    That's normal! Teens need to find their own way and the eventual separation from family as they go to college.

    So let's help them make right decisions by decorating their own home bedroom that fits their personality and goals. Some ideas to consider below.

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Making the transition


  • Starting the teenage years (at the age of 13) is a big transition from being a child. They may show a spark of independence and thinking but still cling to those child years. So what can you do to their bedroom to help them make the transition?
  • First thing, get them out of the bunk and onto the floor using a floor or inflatable mattress with a fence-like head board. They are still young at heart where they can flop into bedroom without smashing into side bed frames. And the fence headboard (something that can be easily built) sets up the decor theme for the rest of the room.
  • Some other ideas to consider:
    • Wood Furniture:

      you don’t need to spend a lot of money – consider this a temporary room design that will transition into something bigger as they age and mature. So find inexpensive wood dressers and bed tables that can be stained or painted.

    • Simple book cases:

      simply line up three of them against the wall – painted in white. Use the first two top levels to decorate the room; the bottom shelf level for baskets that your teen can use for personal storage and organization.

    • Wall Ladder:

      growing teenagers are notorious for leaving their clothes strewn out all over the room. So perhaps a wall ladder will help. A place to hang their pants and shirts – at least in an organized way.

    • DESK AREA:

      they still need to do homework – so give them their private desk with WIFI setup and a schedule for getting homework done. It’s just a simple desk with some hanging lights to help them stay focused.


      by using triangles and other geometric designs. Perhaps this will keep them motivated in learning math – maybe not. But it does make for a great design to modernize the room that your teen will love.

    Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a 13-Year-Old Girl
    What Do 13-Year-Old Boys Decorate Their Rooms With?

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Something for the growing boy


  • Some say that decorating for teen boys is easier than decorating for teen girls. We can’t say that is always true. But for one thing we can say for the boys, keep it simple.
  • The challenge is to encourage broad interest; in other words, help them to expand their thinking into other areas other than ??? (i.e., playing video games).
  • For example:
    • Take it outdoors:

      something that calls out to them every time they see the hanging bicycle. It could be a stationary or an actual bike. Something that makes a great decor piece that encourages them to get outdoors to exercise and explore.

    • Vintage camera:

      instill into them the appreciation for the arts. Again a simple piece that adds decor with a subliminal message.

    • Fashioned suitcases:

      used as bed tables instead of regular tables. And what message does it imply? To explore travel and faraway places – in other words, an appreciation of geography. The goal is to use simple decor pieces to motivate your teen boy into other interests. It might not work, but it is something they will remember later in life.

  • Other elements:
    • Brick mural wall:

      to create an urban style – something that will grow with your boy teen as they age.

    • Industrial styled lighting:

      by using pendant lighting and a floor lamp. Compliments the urban style look that can encourage your teenager to venture beyond electronic media.

    How to Let Go and Let Your Child Grow Up
  • bicycle wall decorvintage suitcase decorlarge brick mural

       some boy teen ideas to consider      

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And now for the teenage girl


  • Teenage girls – they love color – and the more color you can offer, the better. There are a couple of items you should consider that this photo does not convey.
  • 1) girls may like to repaint the room into fun colors that express their feelings; and 2) girls like to have sleepovers. So having a trundle or queen bed is best option where friends can sleep comfortably.
  • So let’s start with color:
    • Bed color:

      find a queen-size bed and/or trundle bed to accommodate sleepovers. Decorate the bed with comforters, throws and pillows with select colors that defines the theme scheme for the room.

    • Comfortable rug:

      where she and her friends can sit comfortably to chat about everything.

    • Hanging paper lanterns:

      not just one, but several hanging lights with shades that match the room’s color scheme.

    • Colorful decor:

      including baskets, binders, boxes and the like in similar colors. Have these items nicely arranged on a book shelf for organization and storage.

    • String lights:

      with a matching color – draped freely on a tripod stand to give lighting for those late night-time fun-overs.

    11 Expert Tips for a Colorful, Personality-Filled Kids Room
  • trundle bedhanging paper lanternsfairy string lights

       some teen girl ideas to consider      

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chalkboard paint

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Something special for your artistic one


  • You may have an artistic child that enjoys art and music – you witnessed their artistic flare when they were younger that now demands special attention. Something that draws out their artistic personality.
  • Find the perfect room decor:
    • Wall chalkboard:

      simply done by using wall chalkboard paint and apply it to the main wall of the bedroom. Your teen can get creative with any artistic design they want. They can use the wall to draw designs, write music, outline tasks, or just have some fun.

    • Say they love music:

      so take the adjoining wall and add some musical decals and/or records. If it’s drawing that they like, maybe something with artist decals and paint brushes. Whatever their creative, express it with wall decor pieces that are large and bold.

    • Matching bed and floor:

      try to tie their “artistic talent” together with matching bed spreads, pillows and floor rug. Since we are are looking at music, the black stripe with other geometric designs is the perfect theme match.

    • Shelf ladder:

      a place where they can collect inspiring ideas and display them on a decorative shelf ladder tuck up against the wall. Place some houseplants and other creative collections to add color and form.

    How to decorate your bedroom like an artist
  • wall chalkboard paintmusical wall decalsknitted poufladder shelf

       some artistic decor ideas to consider      

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teenager bedroom design

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They have grown up


  • As we mentioned above, you may start the decor when your child turns 13. But as they age and get ready to go to college, you want a teen theme that is more mature that will continue to work when they come home for a visit.
  • Something that represents their age and maturity:
    • Urban theme:

      that’s perfect (as before). But this time, it represents who they are as they go off-to-college and begin staking out their own future. Again, a brick mural wall (kept from an earlier design) and an adjoining wall that has been painted to look like concrete.

    • INFO: how to make a faux concrete wall
    • The yellow touch:

      in wall decor – bike decor – and other yellow accents in the chair and pouf. A color that brightens up the room.

    • Old locker wardrope:

      something they are all familiar with from high school – the school locker – now used as a closet for hanging clothes and other personal dressing items.

    • A place to study:

      very important for that college student. A simple desk with a supply cart for managing classroom work and books. Just what they need when they come home from school.

    tips for transforming your room into a productive study space
  • school lockerstripod floor lampsimple desk

       some graduating student ideas to consider      

    What comments can you share?

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