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Preparing Your Home for Holiday Visitors

The holiday season is right around the corner and with the onset of holiday season comes many visits from family and friends. Follow these few tips on how to prepare


How to Brighten Up a Den

Dens typically do not have closets and therefore would not be considered a bedroom. Some dens offer a half-bath and even a separate entrance, making this an attractive room for

Home Renovation

Rental Property Renovation Ideas

If you own rental property, be it a house, an apartment or a room in your house, you may be wondering what sort of renovations you should undertake to attract


Top Basement Renovation Ideas

Making the most of unused living space. If you have an unused basement in your home and are looking to turn it into desired living space, you can add a

Garden Furniture

Protect Your Valuable Bird Bath This Winter

Concrete bird baths can be expensive, ranging in price from $75 to more than $200, the larger and more elaborate these designs are. As beautiful as bird baths may be,

Yard and Garden

You Can Winterize Your Garden

As long as the ground hasn’t frozen, you can still winterize your garden. From early autumn in most northernly locations to almost winter in the deep south, you can take

Closet Systems

Making the Most of Your Closet Space

Closets are wonderful places to hang a hat or coat, but they’re also a source of consternation to homeowners and renters who may not be satisfied with the way that

Home Decor

Thanksgiving Home Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving seems to be the holiday that gets lost in the year end shuffle. Halloween is big because kids and adults alike are dressing up, going to parties and carving


Should You Power Rake Your Lawn?

Cooler weather means your lawn may be ready to be power raked. As you finish raking your leaves this fall, you’ll be left with a lawn that will soon be

Yard and Garden

Trees, Autumn Leaves & Disease Prevention

Fall is the perfect season for assessing the health of your trees. As leaves turn color and fall, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect the leaves from each tree for

Home Financing

Steps To Take When Doing a Home Renovation

Home owners are always looking to make some changes to their residences. You may want to add a sun room to the house, complete the basement, or renovate the kitchen.

Garden Plants Landscaping

Fall Pruning and Your Yard

Autumn is the main pruning season for most shrubs. Chillier temperatures mean that winter is just around the corner, with the first snowflakes now falling across higher terrain and in


Should You Use a Dehumidifier?

Too much moisture in your home and you may soon find mildew or mold growing in the basement, inside of closets and even in living areas. Not only are molds


Invigorate Your Yard With Fresh Landscaping

By Kevin Poon A common predicament The Norris’ had been sporting a “For Sale” sign in front of their house for six months. The house was in good shape, showed

Garden Plants

Growing Your Own Herb Garden

One day when my daughter brought home a basil plant she grew for me for Mother’s Day, only then did I start to think that I could grow my own

Home Structure

You Can Win the Battle Against Mildew

Mildew is a form of mold, a plant that is part of the fungi family. When mildew begins to build up within the home, significant damage can take place. A


Use Your Compost Pile All Year

Unlike your yard and garden, your compost pile doesn’t go to sleep for the winter. Or, at least it doesn’t have to. Certainly, frigid temperatures can slow down the decomposing

Home Structure

7 DIY Jobs Before the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching which means you’ll want your home to look its best before guests show up. Major products should be done well before Thanksgiving, but there

Home Interior

A New Look on a Limited Budget

Are you wanting to update your home? Are limited finances standing in the way of a renovation? Join the club – for many homeowners, a home improvement project is out

Home Decor

Making the Most of Small Spaces

Seven tips on how to organize limited space. Here on LetsRenovate.com, our emphasis is on taking your existing space and making it larger. However, we also realize that for some