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Heating and Cooling

How To Ensure Your Home Propane System Is Safe

Tweet However, just like with a system that is entirely electric, there are some things that you need to look for so that there are no issues with the tank

Plumbing and Wiring

4 Easy Hacks To Help Extend The Life Of Your Home’s Plumbing

Tweet Rather than wait for trouble to come, you can put your energy into some preventative measures. By doing so, you can actually extend the life of your pipes and


Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips For Gutting The Garage

Tweet From the clutter that has been stored in the garage over the holiday season to the lawn tools that need to be examined before they are used to get

Kitchen and Dining

4 Renovation Essentials for a 5-Star Kitchen

Tweet The first thing you should do is decide what style suits you. Are you looking to go contemporary, traditional, rustic, eclectic, or retro? Once you have figured that out,

Kitchen and Dining

Diva Dining: 4 Design Favorites To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Tweet A dining area can be transformed with selections that either enhance what is already in the room or completely change the space. breakfast nooks • dining table sets •

Home Renovation

Why Buying Older And Renovating New May Be The Perfect Home Strategy For You

Tweet While this may require more time and energy compared to buying a turnkey property, you may save a lot of money. Older Homes May Have More Charm Those who

Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen Catastrophe: 3 Ways To Avoid The Chaos Of A Clogged Sink

Tweet By staying on top of drain cleanliness, individuals can avoid the chaos of clogged drains and, even worse, of backed-up main sewer lines. draw organizers • baker racks •


Light Or Dark? 4 Tips For Picking Your Floor Color

Tweet We’re aware of 4 helpful tips that are beneficial to consider when choosing a floor color. Using these strategies can help you narrow down the possibilities to arrive at

Plumbing and Wiring

Bursting Pipes: How To Quickly Recover From Water Leaks In Your Home

Tweet What to do to if your pipes burst: Protect Your Personal Belongings As soon as you notice a pipe has burst, your primary goal should be to protect as

Walls and Painting

DIY Disaster: 3 Painting Strategies To Avoid An Aesthetic Catastrophe

Tweet What are some strategies to consider before you embark on your next home painting project? What Type of Paint Should You Use? Latex paint is preferable to oil paint

Heating and Cooling

Heat Happiness: 3 Ways To Heat Your Home This Winter Without Cranking Up The Thermostat

Tweet Here are a few ways you can keep your home warmer without cranking up the thermostat setting: air cooling • air quality • fans • hvac controls • hvac

Home Renovation

Parents Moving In? 4 Tips On Renovating Your Home For The Elderly

Tweet However, many families in this situation have found that their home needs renovations to accommodate the aging residents who are moving in. We’re delighted to pass along these 4

Energy Savings

Drafty House? 3 Spaces You Should Check For Air Leaks

Tweet Check Around Door Or Window Frames It isn’t uncommon for a door to be a little shorter than the frame that it is place in. Therefore, there could be

Fences and Gates

Noisy Neighbors? 3 Strategies For Peace

Tweet As humans, whatever this noise may be, it can get annoying, no matter how soothing it may sound. To effectively deal with a situation like this, here are three

Outdoor Structures

Cool Construction: 4 Unique Structures To Consider When Adding Onto Your Home

Tweet Here is a quick look at four unique structures that could boost your home’s value and make your property more unique than ever. Sunroom One of the biggest advantages

Home Interior

Modern Home: 4 Renovations That Bring Your House Into Style

Tweet If you are considering any type of home renovation, you should spend your money wisely. Make changes that will improve the quality of life for your family. The following

Home Interior

Home Improvement: 3 Investments Now That Will Add Value To Your Home Later

Owning a home is a wonderful privilege. However, the volume of effort it takes to keep a home running can be fairly high.

Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Making 6 Small Home Improvements to Help Your House Last Longer

Your home is your castle, but that castle can crash down around you if it isn’t maintained properly. A few simple maintenance measures can ensure that your home lasts as long as you care to live in it.