Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 08: A Simple Guide to Upcycling Furniture

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for Aug 08:</span> A Simple Guide to Upcycling Furniture
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    Upcycling is a fun and resourceful practice that can allow us to make the most out of what we have, help the environment, and is one of the quickest ways to give an old, beloved item a fresh new look.


Not to forget that renovating our homes can get costly, even the smallest of changes, which is why opting to upcycle, reuse, and mend is one of the best ways you can help keep costs down.

Upcycling is great for many reasons, and this piece will serve as a straightforward guide to renovating your furniture, so you can get the best out of what you have.

Be Sure to Get it Clean

Getting your items clean and ready before any upcycling is an absolute must. If you miss this step, it can really interfere with the process.

Not only do you not want any dust, dirt, and debris thrown into the mix, but you want a really even surface to work from for whatever you are doing! Whether that be painting, decoupaging, or decorating.

wood furniture paintwood furniture stain

      some furniture restoration supplies to consider      

You can use products such as sugar soap and white spirit to make sure everything is prepped. And be sure to fill in any holes or gaps if you spot them!

Plan Your Design

Planning your design will be different for each piece, as it is unlikely that any two pieces will be the same! You will want to determine if you plan on painting your furniture to restore it to glory or whether you want to break it up completely and transform it into something else.

Having an idea about what you would like to do with your furniture means you can get prepared, which helps cut down on waste and means less room for mistakes.

Invest in a Laser Cutter

Cutting with lasers might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but here we are, in the 21st Century, able to buy our own machine that does exactly that. While it might seem like a grand purchase, if you are planning to upcycle long term or are creating a business from it, a laser cutter is a fantastic way to help you create pieces you need and mend existing furniture so it can live a second happy life.

whisky barrelwired box frame

      some vintage decor to consider      

Be sure to have a browse through Thunder Laser to find the right machine for you, and enjoy the limitless options it can offer you when it comes to restoring and personalizing furniture.

Get Creative With It

One of the joys of upcycling is that only your mind is the limit. If you are looking to produce one-off pieces that no one can find anywhere else, then upcycling is an excellent and easy way to do it.

You can choose all different kinds of colors, fabrics, textures, and styles for your upcycled piece, and feel free to try things that you might not usually try – just make sure to do it on something scrap first!

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