5 Best Pieces of Advice For New Home Owners

5 Best Pieces of Advice For New Home Owners
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    Congratulations on buying your first home!

    No matter the age or condition of the place, you probably want to make some changes.


To get the best use of your renovation time and dollars, consider the tips below so you can grow to love your home even more and make the changes that will work the best for you and your family.

1. Make Small Changes

If your house needs renovating but you can live in the space, for now, start with small changes. Keep things simple. For example, go ahead and paint the walls in the bedrooms.

Patch all the holes with spackle or quick-drying joint compound, sand them smooth, pull the light switch plates and outlet covers and wash them, and paint the walls. If the spaces are dark, consider painting the ceilings and walls with a light, relaxing color. Now you can decorate the room over a paint color you love.

Do go ahead and paint the interior of your closet, and put up some organizers to make moving in more of a treat. These wire racks and shelf units can be both cost-effective and easy to mount.

A bit of customization in your closets can pay off big later in terms of saving you time and even during resale.

2. Watch Your Budget

If your renovation budget is small, avoid doing any major tear-outs, wall moves, or updates. Big renovations always cost more than you expect, and will probably take more time.

Make sure you consider your time in your budget. If you choose to paint the bedrooms, as noted above, this project can probably be done in a weekend.

If you decide to paint all the trim in the house and swap out all the door hardware, not only will you put in a lot more of your time, but you’ll deal with a lot more disruption. Part of loving your home is getting to relax in it, so don’t overbook yourselves.

3. Stay Neutral

If your home was already depersonalized and decorated in neutral tones, stick with them for a time. The variety of homes available from expert Logan, Utah Real Estate company says that it likely means that your home already has quite a bit of character, even if it’s decorated in tans, greys, and other neutral tones.

If the carpet is new but not your favorite color, add a floor cloth or a throw rug and give it time. If the walls of the living room are a little too beige for your taste, consider adding a large hanging or putting up an unusual decorative piece, like a quilt or a mandala scarf.

Again, work small. Make changes in small, manageable bites of time and money.

wall painting supplieshouse ladder

      some painting equipment to consider      

4. Give it Time

You may hate the kitchen cabinets at the moment. However, if you have small children or are planning on starting a family, consider living with the current cabinets until your kids are a bit older.

Children can be incredibly hard on a house, so unless you’re ready to have someone crash their tricycle into your dream cherry or oak kitchen cabinets, stick with what you’ve got and made changes after you’ve worked in the space.

It’s important to know what isn’t working before you make big changes, and only time will tell that.

5. Take Precautions on Older Homes

If your home was built before 1980, there’s a risk of lead paint. It wasn’t banned until 1977. Before you do any sanding, scraping, or updating wood in your older home, get a lead paint test kit and make absolutely sure that you’re not going to scatter lead dust throughout your home.

other valuable tips:

Carefully review the layers of color already in place on the wood you’re looking at stripping. If there is any white paint in the layers, the risk of lead paint is likely. Consider using an encapsulating product as a primer, then painting over it with your chosen top coat. Abatement isn’t always a necessity; you can capture and seal it in.

Your new, or new-to-you home, should be a place of relaxation, joy, and connection. Don’t overstretch yourselves, either via time commitment or by over-stretching your budget. Find a hardware store that’s close and staffed with knowledgeable people, as you’ll probably be there a lot.

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