5 Signs That You Have a Sewage Backup on Your Hands

5 Signs That You Have a Sewage Backup on Your Hands
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    One milliliter of sewage can contain up to a million microorganisms, including harmful pathogens like coronavirus and cholera.

    That's why you need to act fast at the first sign of sewage problems in your home.


Summer storms can cause upheaval with the sewage systems across the country, so keep your senses tuned to these five signs of water and sewage problems.

1. Toilet Not Flushing Properly

If your toilet isn’t flushing as it should, try plunging it. If that doesn’t help, it’s a sure sign of bigger issues afoot. A toilet that isn’t flushing is a serious health hazard. After all, human waste is a biohazard and you don’t want it lingering in your bathroom for longer than it should.

2. Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds are normal after plunging a drain. Yet, these shouldn’t last longer than a few seconds. Persistent gurgling noises that sound like a coffee pot percolating are a sign that there’s a problem in your sewer line.

3. Bubbles

Bubbles and gurgling sounds go hand in hand. They both stem from excess air in your drainage line caused by water trying to get past a clogged area. Bubbles in your toilet after flushing, or in the outlet when you drain your sink are a sure sign of a blockage in your drainage system.

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4. A Slow Draining Bath or Shower

Slow draining tubs and sinks might not seem like a major problem. However, they’re often a symptom of a blocked drain and much worse things to come. Drain blockages can result in burst pipes and cause significant collateral damage to your property.

5. Bad Smells

Have you noticed a foul stench coming from one of your drains? Don’t ignore it. Sometimes bad smells result from bacterial build-up due to all the gunk, like hair and grease, that’s become trapped in your drain. These minor blockages are easy to remedy by cleaning your drains.

However, bad smells can also indicate serious problems like:

  • A malfunctioning sewer system
  • A blocked vent stack
  • Tree roots growing into the sewer pipes

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That rotten-egg smell that’s permeating your home is hydrogen sulfide and even low concentrations of it can be dangerous.

Solving Your Water and Sewage Problems

While plunging can help to solve small blockages, DIY solutions are rarely the answer to your sewage blues. Quite a few things can cause a sewage backup, so it’s important to get expert help. Professionals will get to the root of the problem and ensure a permanent solution.

Clogs can recur time and time again unless you enlist the services of an experienced plumber to put the problem to rest.

other valuable tips:

Secrets of a Happy Healthy Home

Water and sewage problems are part of a long list of things that can go wrong when you own a house. The best way to avoid them is to ensure you repair, renovate, and update your home as often as needed.

Our blog has loads of useful advice on the most common aspects of home refurbishment. Keep reading for more advice on home renovations and what to do when things go wrong.

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