Real Estate Spring Home Improvement Guide

Real Estate Spring Home Improvement Guide
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    Spring is that time of the year when everything changes.

    You dump your winter clothes back in the closet and revamp yourself to face the remaining months of sunshine.


It is the perfect welcome for summer. As everything, including nature, undergoes a revamp, so is the time for your home as well. If you are looking to change the way your house looks and feels, spring is the ideal time to do that.

In fact, real estate agents also look to present the properties differently when they are doing business in the spring season. If you are an agent yourself and are trying to find ways to give the property a makeover that it deserves, the following points may turn out to be pretty helpful.

Freshen up your home

The air during springtime has a fresh feeling to it. New leaves start coming up to replace the ones lost during autumn and winter. It is the time to freshen up the abode as well.

You can get the walls repainted into bright colors, the doors changed and colored in such a way that they provide a good contrast to the walls and also include more plants and vines to give it that touch of greenery. It will not only make the house more earthy but also make you feel closer to nature.

Enhance the lawns, kept up bed

Since it is springtime, the occupants of the house will be spending more time outside than inside. Therefore, the lawn has to be well-maintained and in proper condition in order to facilitate that. It is normal to lose that greenery during winter. There is also a possibility that the shrubs and bushes will be overgrown.

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      some smart home ideas to consider      

Get it sorted, and the lawn enhanced. The shrubs should be pruned, the grass leveled, and the flower beds ramped up. This will introduce a sea of colors in the lawn, which will be a sight to behold when they blossom maximally. This, as a real estate agent, the lawn is one of the first things that you should look to change when spring arrives.

Right dimensions for your porch and entry door needs to be perfect

The porch is another place where the occupants will spend a considerable amount of time. It should be big enough for family members to sit comfortably. The dimensions should be adjusted in such a way so that there is no feeling of being cramped.

The entry door of the house is the first thing that is seen in the house. It is also visible from the sidewalk. It should have a welcoming tone to it. Therefore, choose an entry door that is perfectly aesthetic to the house.

Remodel your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom

Since it is the time to introduce new changes, the interiors of the house should also not be left behind. Make changes in the kitchen and bathroom and see if any repair work is needed.

The pipelines are the most commonly affected part during winter. The water in it gets converted into ice and it is prone to cracks and breakage commonly.

Do a thorough check and make changes wherever required. A master bedroom is also a place that most people will look at when they come to see the house. Therefore, give it a fresh look as well to impress your customers as much as possible.

Assess your outdoor space

Like mentioned before, the outdoor space is the most important part of the house during spring. A lot of time will be spent barbecuing and chilling with friends and families. It should not have a shabby look to it.

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      some patio/deck ideas to consider      

Plan the outdoor space in such a way so that anyone can engage in any activities there, according to their liking. This is sure to increase the number of buyers for real estate property.

Dress for spring, sparingly

When you are a real estate agent, you should always dress for the occasion. Therefore, when you are going about with your business during spring, you should also similarly present yourself. There should be a freshness in your outfit, which will invoke a sense of trust and friendliness in your customers.

Garage remodeling and lighting for better use of space

The garage space is something that people look at keenly when they are buying a house. This is because they will be keeping their valuable assets, that is, their vehicles in it. Therefore, you should give it the attention that it deserves. Remodel it in such a way that it looks spacious so that it is easy to put in and take out the car.

The lighting is also very important in this scenario. A dark space in the garage area can tick off interested people. Introduce more natural and warm light in it so that the garage feels inviting as well. Moreover, the lighting should be strategically done in such a way so that it gives the illusion of the garage appearing to be bigger in dimension.

other valuable tips:

Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors

The smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors are major safety devices that should be a part of every house as a protocol. There is a possibility that it might have got damaged during the inclement weather. It is probably a good idea to check out these different additional devices, which make the house safer and better.

Add the right landscaping and watch your home’s value grow

In the real estate market, the value of your house is all that matters. One aspect that helps in increasing that value is the right kind of landscaping. A house with proper landscaping outside will be more beautiful to look at. Automatically, it will have more takers, irrespective of the higher prices. Therefore, it is an important aspect to consider while remodeling.


If you are looking to kickstart your real estate business in the spring, follow the tips mentioned above, and it will give you the boost that you are looking for.

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