Why Idaho Is A Great Place To Be?

Why Idaho Is A Great Place To Be?
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    If you know people from Idaho or even visited that place once, you would hear them telling that it is the best place to live.

    This does not seem exaggerated if you happen to visit the place.


The place has many positive things, which include beautiful landscapes and the wilderness that is found across the state. It is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts as there are many unique activities to try. The people are warm and friendly making you want to stay longer. Here’s what makes the state tick:

Ideal Idaho

Visitors from all over the country come to Idaho to try out the various outdoor activities. Irrespective of the weather and the season people who visit Idaho are sure to have a blast. Here are some of the reasons why it has become one of the most preferred destinations in recent times.

  • The state is ranked top for its whitewater rafting activities. During the summers, rivers in Idaho are great for Kayaking and whitewater rafting.
  • The Gem State is a popular river adventure that many opt for. If you like extreme adventure, there is a guided tour of the Snake River which lasts from 3 to 5 days.
  • The Hells Canyon is known for its great scenic view and also has the best and the biggest waves in the Northwest.
  • If you want to just relax and enjoy the nature there are options for that too. Rent a raft or a kayak and take it down to the Boise River.
  • Other summer activities that you can indulge in are horseback riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and hunting.

Idaho is an ideal place for the outdoor activity of your choice so make sure to make the most of it.

Hot Springs

Idaho is home for many natural hot springs and it is ideal to visit all year round. Some of them are Kirkham, Pine Flats, Trail Creek, Krigbaum, and Goldbug. Soak in the hot springs and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. If you haven’t been to one of these you should make this trip. It is a great way to spend time all by yourself or with a group also. Additionally, it is a nice budget activity as you don’t have to spend anything to get into one of these natural springs.

Cool Winters

Idaho is not only a summer paradise but just as much fun during the winters also. You can indulge in activities like snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. It also has some of the best ski resorts in the country with many celebrities having houses in Idaho towns based on the activities they like.

You can spot some of your favorites in one of those ski ramps making your trip something to brag about. For skiers, this place is perfect with the right amount of snow and sunlight.

Go Natural

The main occupation for the people of Idaho is agriculture, so don’t forget to try the local fruits and vegetables. Apart from growing potatoes which the state is famous for, it grows beets, beans, wheat, and seeds. The huckleberries are the tastiest that can be found in the world and can be bought in local stores or you can pluck them off the bushes in the mountains. Try them when you go hiking or biking!

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Booming Real Estate

All kinds of people visit Idaho, some come as visitors and others come to live here. One of the reasons people are coming to this place is the booming real estate market. A leading realtor in Idaho, https://www.stewartrealtyllc.com/ says that there are many reasons people find it appealing. It is not just the great outdoors and the beautiful locale it is more than that. Here are a few reasons people are looking for a place to settle down.

  • It has Affordable Housing

    The cost of living in most of the cities on the west coast is expensive due to the real estate prices going up. In places like California, the real estate prices are so high that most people are unable to afford it. On the contrary, you can find a nice 3 bedroom home in Boise that is well within their budget. The apartment you can’t afford to buy in LA or San Francisco can get you home in Idaho.

  • Better Property Appreciation

    The real estate market in Idaho is on the rise and the forecast predicts more growth in the future. With many people moving from the west to this state the real estate market is gaining from it.

    You can invest in a property and be assured that it is the best investment to make. The real estate market is a seller’s market as there is a shortage of inventory in places like Boise and Meridian and hence you get more value for money.

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  • Good Neighborhoods

    The state has the lowest crime rate in the nation and is a haven for people who like peaceful neighborhoods. Unlike the west coast which has big cities and huge traffic issues, the cities in Idaho are not crowded and are easy to commute to and from work. Thanks to the influx of people, the state has started investing in education and Idaho’s ranking is increasing.

  • People are Friendly

    Idaho people are warm and friendly. They welcome people to their land wholeheartedly. They introduce themselves even to strangers and strike a conversation with you. They give you the right way in traffic or the mall. They will help you with directions if you are lost or have car trouble.

  • Thriving Economy

    Idaho has some of the best universities in the country including the University of Idaho. It is an ideal place for students to learn and earn as the state is home for some top employers like Idaho National Laboratory, Melaleuca Inc, WinCo Foods, Golden Valley Natural, etc. There are numerous opportunities to thrive in arts, culture, and sports. The state also boasts of some fine dining experience of different cuisines.

other valuable tips:

All the necessary aspects needed to live in a place like a thriving economy, good education, excellent job opportunities, affordable living, good infrastructure, safety and great outdoors exist in Idaho. When people come to live here they get a great quality of life which is not available in the other cities of the US. Once people visit Idaho, they get attached to this beautiful place due to the hard-edged economic factors, beauty, and an open-minded society.

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