Tools and Equipment Every House Flipper Needs to Have

Tools and Equipment Every House Flipper Needs to Have
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    If you're looking to make a profit while flipping a house, there are a few things you need.


First, you need major luck—you never know how the property will look when you peek behind the curtains or put it on the market. Second, you need to be handy and have the right people available. And third, you need the right tools and equipment—without these, you can forget about making your property attractive and profitable.

So what does a good house flipper need to have in their toolbox?

A circular saw

This tool is one of the most favorite tools among DIYers—it’s versatile, practical, portable and easy to use. The fact that it’s handheld allows you to cut through anything from boards to molding without having to pause work and move around the site.

circular saw

Compound Miter Saw

Sure, circular saw is portable and practical, but when you need accuracy and power, you will love your compound miter saw. This tool is usually installed into a workstation and it gives you clean and precise cuts no matter what.

With your miter saw, you can cut through most 2x4s, 4x4s and crown molding. It can also cut various angles without too much fuss. No matter if you need a miter angle, bevel cut or a 90-degree cut, just rotate the blade, lock it into place and go to town.

compound miter saw

Cordless Drill

No matter what kind of job you’re planning to do, it will be practically impossible without a cordless drill. These are much more convenient and practical than corded drills even though they have a lower power level. Sure, cordless tools are more expensive, but when you have a limited number of outlets, your investment will definitely pay off.

cordless drill


Some houses might not be provided with electricity, so you might be in need of strong light in order to inspect various spaces and dark rooms. You can get great flashlights at Home Depot or similar stores and they are usually cheap. If you choose to use your phone, you risk dropping several hundreds of dollars in dark holes or puddles.



Your renovation will include a lot of materials, both old and new, so you will need a way to transport your load. While pickup trucks can be useful, they won’t be able to handle more serious transportation tasks, so investing in a tipper truck or even a prime mover might be a good idea.

There are top-shape used Volvo trucks that can handle any job you put them to. These trucks are durable, strong and easy to drive, so expect to have them with you for many, many years.


House flipping isn’t the cleanest of jobs and you will undoubtedly end up with a lot of waste, scraps and trash that you can’t just leave outside. That’s where a good dumpster comes in handy.

other valuable tips:

While you will be able to dump most of the things yourself, if you suspect that there’s asbestos or lead paint in the house, call experts to handle the removal of these hazardous substances. Only properly trained and equipped experts are allowed to remove and dispose of these materials, so be mindful of your health.

Safety gear

While we’re on the subject of safety, don’t forget to stay protected during your renovation. While you will quickly get the feel of your tools and learn how to handle them, it’s always smart to be safe.

You will need to have proper helmet, gloves and eyewear as well as protective boots. If you have people working for you, pay special attention that everyone has access to proper gear, otherwise, you can end up in court due to an injury.

safety gear


If you’re a modern house flipper, you will love this app. HouseCanary is an online data platform that will help beginner investors understand the value of a certain property. With their database filled with current real estate information and predictive analytics, you can analyze a home’s potential ROI, no matter if you’re buying the house to rent it or flip it.

This app has mainly new investors in mind and other people who don’t understand how to evaluate a property yet. But, it can also be useful for experienced investors who are seeking for a more professional look when presenting their property to clients.

Of course, in order to be really useful and practical, you need to learn how to use these tools and equipment, otherwise, they will make more damage than good. But, when wielded with expertise, these tools will allow you to get the job done without any issues.

Image credit: house flipper tools by Pixabay

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