5 Big Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

5 Big Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value
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    A major goal for any homeowner is to improve the value of the home over time.

    Eventually the time will come when you want to sell, and when that time arrives you'll want the home to be worth as much as possible.


Luckily, there are some projects you can do around the home that will help you raise the value. If you’re looking to give the value of your home a boost, here are 5 big ways you can do so.

Improve the Curb Appeal

First, you should focus on the outside of the home. How your home looks from the outside is called curb appeal and it’s a major factor when determining the value of a home.

First impressions are important, so the better impression you make from the beginning, the more you can sell your home for.

To fix up the outside of your home you can do a number of things. Start by looking at the home itself and see if it needs and repairs or maintenance.

For example, if you have broken shingles or siding, you’ll want to get these replaced. You may also want to pressure wash the siding on your home to make it look like new again.

Once you’ve done the simple repair jobs you can move onto bigger things. For example, you can replace your driveway, install a new sidewalk, do some landscaping, or even repaint the entire home.

If you’re unsure of where to start, talk to a professional landscaper or take a look at these great home exterior ideas.

Make Your Home Bigger

A major factor in determining a home’s value is how big it is. If you can add some square footage to your home, you’ll significantly improve home value. The best way to do this is by adding an additional room or making existing rooms bigger.

For example, if you think your kitchen is too small, you could extend the house and give yourself some more room. Or you could add an entirely new room, like a den, if you have enough space on your property. Making your home larger is a somewhat expensive project, but it’ll be worth it when the value of your home increases.

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Fix Up Key Rooms

If you can’t make your home bigger, another thing you can do is fix up certain key rooms in your home. Your kitchen and bathrooms play the biggest role in determining the value of a house compared to your other rooms. If you can make your half-bathroom into a full bathroom, or make the kitchen more modern, you’ll do a lot to help the value.

The kitchen is likely the best place to start, as this is where families spend most of their time and you have a lot of different options for improvement. For example, you could add in more modern appliances, redo the countertops, or change around the lighting. If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier renovation, consider getting the cabinets refaced.

According to www.boyarscabinets.com,” Cabinet refacing utilizes your existing cabinets which mean fewer trees are affected. Think of it as kitchen cabinet recycling but without any sacrifice in quality and appearance!”

The bathroom also has a few options for renovations. If you need some ideas, here are some great bathroom renovations to inspire you.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

If you can reduce the amount future owners will have to spend to fix up your home, you’ll raise how much you can sell it for. So rather than focusing only on cosmetic changes, you should also look at more structural ones.

As an example, if your furnace is getting old, replacing it now would increase the value of your home. Otherwise future owners will only see that as an added expense and may try to negotiate it into the price of the home.

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Upgrade the Tech

Finally, consider adding some new tech to your home. There are now some great smart technologies that go great in any home, such as smart thermostats, fire alarms and security systems.

Adding in any of these will make your home seem more modern and will impress future buyers. They are also simple to add in, and you get the added benefit of enjoying them for yourself before you move. Here are some of the best smart home items you can add to your home.

Get Started with Home Upgrades

Doing all the above upgrades at once would require a lot of work and resources. Your best bet is to do them gradually, which means you should start early. Plan out which tasks you want to do the most, then get started doing them one by one. Eventually you’ll have your entire home upgraded and you’ll see the value rise as a result.

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