Easy Tips To Help Create The Perfect Basement Bedroom

Easy Tips To Help Create The Perfect Basement Bedroom
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    It may not always be a necessity, but an extra bedroom can always come in handy.

    Whether you need a quiet retreat for yourself or additional space to accommodate your growing family or house guests, an extra bedroom can be the perfect addition to your home.


If you are wondering which room to turn into a bedroom, maybe the answer lies underneath the house. Although they have a lot of potential, basements are often forgotten and underused. This is a great opportunity to put your basement to good use. Create the perfect basement bedroom by following these simple tips.

Clean out your basement

Before you give your basement a makeover, you need to empty it. Most basements are used as storage space. A basement bedroom is not the right place to keep gardening tools, old toys and Christmas decorations.

If your basement is full of stuff you have nowhere else to put, consider donating, selling, or creating more storage space in the garage, for example.

Alternatively, use professional packing supplies to pack it all up and rent a storage unit nearby. Once everything is moved out, you can start creating the perfect basement bedroom.

Escape routes are a must

Even if your local building code does not have any escape requirements for basement living spaces, you should definitely add emergency escape routes.

In case of a fire or natural disaster, a rescue opening could help you escape unharmed. An egress window or a couple of large upper windows will not only save your life in case of an emergency but also add natural light.

Insulate your basement bedroom

Although you can easily make your basement look like any other room, it will always be a basement. Most basements have bare concrete walls and are colder than other rooms. If you plan on sleeping in it, your basement needs top-notch insulation. It may be one of the costliest upgrades, but insulation has several benefits. For instance, good insulation not only helps with the temperature but it also reduces the noise to a minimum, which is something every bedroom needs.

Perfect floors will help you create the perfect basement bedroom

When it comes to choosing suitable flooring materials for your basement bedroom, we recommend talking to a local flooring expert. Solid wood flooring isn’t a good solution if you expect humidity and temperature fluctuations. Laminate tile and carpet, on the other hand, are a great choice. Since moisture and flooding could be an issue, wool is not a carpet material we recommend. A much better option is using area rugs or staining and seal coating a cement floor surface.

poster panel bedbed comforter

Design tips to help create the perfect basement bedroom

  • Think about the design well ahead

    Plan what your basement bedroom will look like when it’s finished. Do this in the early stages of your remodeling project because many things depend on your bedroom style.

    For example, some homeowners go for the industrial or rustic style when creating a basement bedroom. They decide to leave the ceiling unfinished or beams exposed on purpose. This way, they cut costs and give their room a distinct look. So, it does not matter if you leave bricks or steel pipes exposed, as long as it complements the rest of the bedroom design.

    To achieve an industrial feel, metal racks, light fixtures and barstools with metal finishes fit right into the theme. Or, simply keep the style and theme as close as possible to the other levels of the house. The choice is yours!

    Figure 2Most people prefer a basement bedroom with a clean, finished look.Alt text: A basement bedroom with a large bed and clean, white walls.

  • Choose the right color scheme

    Picking the right colors is not just about incorporating your favorite colors. It is a little more complicated than that. Bedroom style and décor can improve your sleep as well as your mood, and colors are a huge part of it.

    When it comes to creating the perfect basement bedroom, it is all about warm and neutral colors. Use two predominant shades maximum. Golden yellow, orange, melon, pumpkin and cream are perfect wall colors for rooms that are short on natural light. Warm-colored lighting is also a nice addition.

flush mount lightingbedroom dresser

  • Add plenty of light

    Since most basements lack natural light, it is your job to use the light that you do have in the best way. You will also have to rely on artificial lighting fixtures. In order to create a well-lit basement bedroom, you should combine several layers of lighting. Bedside lamps, sconces, ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting should be evenly distributed throughout the bedroom.

    Warm-colored bedside lighting will help you read, sleep and relax in your new bedroom.Alt: A lamp on a nightstand next to a bed.

  • Plan your layout wisely

    Your bed will probably be colder if you place it against an exterior wall. Therefore, leave room for the bed on one insulated interior wall. Don’t forget to measure the walls, doorways and the furniture you plan on using to make sure everything fits.

  • Create an illusion of space

    While some basements allow you to create more than one room, others are so tiny that you can barely fit in a bed and a nightstand. In case you are working with limited space, there are several tricks you can use to add visual space. Painting the ceiling a dark color, adding mirrors and vertical stripes are some of the tricks that always work.

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