5 Design Tips for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

5 Design Tips for Your Next Bathroom Renovation
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    When we think of renovating our home spaces, we may feel a bit ambivalent about the bathroom.

    After all, it's the place where we take care of business and we tend to feel less than amorous about hanging out there.


If you have a stylish bathroom you feel comfortable in, you’ll feel more excited about keeping it tidy and presentable for guests.

A newly done bathroom will have you relaxing in a tub you don’t need bath bombs for to enjoy. Bathroom renovations can also increase the value of your home. If you’re looking for ideas, below are a few design schemes to consider when renovating your thrown room. Don’t forget to check out our handy guides for remodeling!

Aquatic Paradise

It may seem like the obvious choice, but renovating your bathroom with an aquatic theme can have a very calming and thereapuetic effect. Nothing is more serene than a cerulean lagoon with the sun setting on the horizon, so why not bring that same vibe to your bathroom?

A good place to start is by deciding what you’d like on your walls. If you want to create a design that is very literal, having a mural painted can make for a striking visual that ties the whole bathroom together.

An undersea painting of whales, sharks, turtles and jellyfish are just a few ideas. For a more abstract painting, consider a bubble motif or a coral reef scene.

While a custom painting would certainly create a wow factor, wallpaper featuring a sea themed pattern will also look nice. You can buy paper that features everything from conch shells to baby hermit crabs; the options are endless.

You can also look for light fixtures that feature organic striations akin to shells, and a glass walled shower can make you feel more like you’re bathing in a waterfall.

When considering your color scheme, soft blue tones and salmon pinks contrast well and can echo the hue of a sunset against water. Natural stone tile can also give give the floor a scenic vibe that’s remisicent of the beach.

Space Dust

Another compelling design theme to consider for your bathroom is the allure of outer space. The ocean of space is full of light, color and a boundless amount of worlds beyond our own. You can design your washroom to mirror the astral glow of nebulae and the furious swirls of stormy Jupiter.

You can create this visage by painting your bathroom walls with dark colors as a base and then topping it with splashes of bright color. Instead of black, deep purples and blues can convey the illusion of space without being quite as harsh. Splatters of colors like turquoise, vermilion, and gold will contrast against the dark backdrop, making your bathroom glow in celestial wonder. Consider black tiles around the bath tub that will shine sleekly.

Metallic light fixtures will also mesh well with a space theme, so look for metal pieces that will tie everything together. When hunting for shower curtains, consider one glittered with stars. You can even use glow in the dark paint to create details on your ceiling that stand out at night. Lights that dim can also provide a warm and tranquil ambiance that echoes the beauty of space.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can paint the planets of our solar system on your bathroom walls, creating an artful presence that is fun and inviting to guests.


If you’ve ever seen a coasting locomotive hauling box cars, or pursued the alleyways of a bustling concrete jungle, chances are you’ve been entranced by the urban beauty of graffiti art. The spray painted symbols, portraits, and murals can be as inspiring as they are epic in proportions. If you feel like creating a bathroom with flair, try your hand at writing on the walls.

If you want to be truly authentic, brick walls are hard to beat. Add your favorite graffiti art, and you have an urban masterpiece that will surely make your bathroom feel like a slice of city life. However, if you’re not in the market for brick, a nice wallpaper printed with retro style graffiti will also do the job. If the idea of spray paint isn’t as enticing, consider the fun and versatility of chalkboard walls.

You can use chalkboard paint to coat the walls of your bathroom, yielding a canvas that can be used with standard pieces of chalk. If you’ve ever felt bored while soaking in the tub or had a great idea spring out of the mist of steam, some chalk graffiti may be exactly what you need. In a similar vein, paint that mimics dry erase boards can also be used.

Go Green

If you are interested in renovating your bathroom with a modern edge, it’s impossible not to consider the importance of ecological advancements. Our planet may be covered in a blue plane of water, but the vast majority of it is not drinkable. The water we use for day to day activities is limited, and the adversity of pollution makes clean water an even more precious resource that requires our protection. When renovating your bathroom, why not take steps to make it eco-friendly?

Installing a toilet that uses less water is a great step in preserving an ecologically friendly environment. There are many models available today that will flush away waste at a fraction of the water cost, so you’d be saving money as well as natural resources. While bath tubs with fancy jets are tempting, it’s better for the environment to opt for something simple that’s still comfortable and ergonomic.

When considering lighting, always go for energy saving bulbs. Investing in dimmers can also give your bathroom a cozy atmosphere while reducing energy costs. If you really want to go green, the addition of live plants is a great way to enhance the beauty of your bathroom, especially if you have a lot of guests. Plant themed decor and wallpaper can also transport you to a natural paradise in the comfort of your own bathroom.

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Antique Chic

When designing the bathroom of your dreams, you’ll likely be tempted to upgrade everything to look novel and futuristic. While this is certainly one direction for you to go in, it’s also worth considering the charm of antique fixtures and furnishings that will send your bathroom into a dreamscape of the past.

A claw foot bathtub is a beautiful piece of porcelain that will make any bathroom look classy and sophisticated. Such a tub may not have the most advanced water jets and whirlpool functions, but you can still use it to peacefully sink into a plush bouquet of bubbles as you listen to your favorite tunes.

In addition to antique basins for washing, consider the beauty of antique mirrors and lamps. An old mirror won’t have a perfect finish or be impeccably polished, but that’s what adds to its character and charm. For an especially grandiose appeal, an antique chandelier in your bathroom can illuminate it into a fine sitting place.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, vintage furniture can be added to one section while the toilet and tub are sectioned off. If you’re worried about rust forming on your delicate metal pieces, there are special varnishes and protecting agents you can apply that will help preserve them.

Ultimately, your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and feel clean and content. Whether your style is flamboyant and colorful or more neutral and subdued, designing an ambient atmosphere is possible for anyone. When renovating your bathroom, remember to have fun and explore new ideas, even if they seem unconventional.

Image Credit: Perth Renovations Co

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