Top 4 Window Styles for Energy-Efficient Homes

Top 4 Window Styles for Energy-Efficient Homes
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    Looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency through new windows?

    You can’t go wrong with these window styles.


Most modern windows are engineered to minimize your home’s heat loss and enhance passive heating during winter while limiting heat gain in the summer, boosting energy efficiency. By installing energy-efficient windows, you can conserve energy, save money on utility systems and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, it keeps you cozy and comfortable by helping maintain ideal temperatures indoors, even with minimal help from your cooling system.

Keep in mind, however, that different windows offer different levels of energy efficiency. There are several factors that come together to determine just how energy efficient a replacement window can be, and one of those is window style. While frames and glass packages do a lot to make a window energy efficient, a window’s design itself can also influence its overall efficiency y level.

Window Style #1: Picture

Picture windows offer many exceptional benefits. For one, they have sleek frames and expansive glass panes, exuding a streamlined design that perfectly complements contemporary homes. They are also great at offering picturesque views, brightening up rooms and opening up a living space. Most importantly, however, they are the top window style to choose when it comes to boosting a home’s energy efficiency.

picture windows

True to their name, picture windows offer a picturesque view of the outdoors, all while promoting home energy efficiency.

Unlike other windows, picture windows are fixed, which means you cannot open them. What they lack in natural ventilation, though, they make up by promoting a strong airtight seal for your home.

Due to their fixed design, they provide the most reliable solution for preventing unwanted energy loss.

Additionally, their large glass areas give considerable access to natural sunlight, allowing you to cut back on artificial lighting during the day.

All that light usually comes with a lot of heat as well, so those living in colder climates will appreciate picture windows rated to support passive heating, which can also help in reducing heating requirements in the home and ultimately lowering utility bills.

Window Style #2: Double Hung

One of the most iconic window styles around, the traditional double hung is used in millions of homes across the United States. Not only are they popular for their classic, functional design, but they are also well-loved by many Americans due to their huge contribution to their energy-saving efforts.

Double hung windows come with two operable sashes that slide vertically, allowing access to superior natural ventilation, whenever necessary. All you have to do is open both the upper and lower sashes simultaneously. This way, the warm, stale air exits through the upper part while fresher, cooler air enters through the lower part of the window.

double hung windows

Double hung windows  are known for their simple, yet functional style. Aside from this, however, they are also a great option if you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Since double hung windows have the ability to control air flow within your home, you can enjoy better indoor air quality while creating a more comfortable indoor climate. And because they help cool your spaces naturally, they can minimize your reliance on air conditioning systems, which in turn results in bigger energy savings. In addition, they have large glass areas, allowing you to enjoy a much brighter, livelier indoor space, allowing you to benefit from natural illumination and reduce artificial lighting use during the day.

Window Style #3: Casement

Considered one of the oldest types of movable windows, casement windows have hinges on the side adjacent to the wall, allowing homeowners to fully swing panels outward or inward, operating much like a door. Because of this function, they help increase natural ventilation in your home. You can even set casement panels at a specific angle to catch breezes and effectively direct them indoors. This helps maintain the comfortable interior temperatures of your home, minus the high utility cost.

And, that’s just the case when casement windows are open!

When you close a casement window, its panel presses firmly against its frame, effectively creating a reliable, airtight seal. It reinforces your protection against drafts, helping regulate indoor air and maintaining your home’s thermal stability for many years.

casement windows

Casement windows operate via a crank, allowing for one-handed use. This makes the window style great for areas over counters and tight spaces.

Window Style #4: Sliding

If you’re looking for a window that offers a great balance between natural lighting and ventilation, sliding windows are one of your best choices. These windows have narrow frames and expansive glass areas, flooding your spaces with abundant amounts of light and warmth.

Like the first three window styles mentioned, they can help you cut back on utility costs by providing ample natural lighting during the day. And since sliding windows are operable — their panes glide smoothly on tracks — they invite in cool breezes. Thank to this, you don’t have to overwork your cooling system. Their panes also press firmly to the frame, preventing significant energy loss when kept shut.

Bonus: Window Features That Boost Energy Efficiency

Did you know that in an average American household, 30% of heating and air conditioning is lost through inefficient windows? Whatever your situation is, energy saved is money saved. It’s this known fact that has convinced a growing number of homeowners to replace their old windows with energy-efficient ones. But, how exactly do replacement windows help homeowners save energy and money?

Here are some of the energy-saving features that come with these units.

  • Frame Material –

    Specialized window frames offer high levels of insulation that help lower the amount of heat entering and escaping from your home. Fibrex® composite frames, for instance, are a good example of this. Aside from Fibrex’s natural strength and thermal performance, it also doesn’t rot, chip or fade, allowing for lasting performance.

  • Low-E Glass Coating –

    Thanks to modern technology, most windows today come with a special coating known as “low-emissivity” or low-E coating. This lets window glass filter out excessive solar heat, helping to better stabilize indoor temperatures.

energy efficient window styles


  • Multiple Panes –

    Unlike traditional single-pane windows, multi-pane windows offer better thermal performance by more effectively stunting heat transfer.

  • Warm Edge Spacers –

    Spacers are there to keep panes apart at just the right distance to boost overall insulative ability for a window, helping keep indoor heat in and outdoor heat out.

Any window style with these features can make for good energy-saving options for your home, but if you want superior energy efficiency, you can’t go wrong with these four: picture, double hung, casement and sliding. Not only are they truly energy efficient, they are also a great choice in terms of increasing your home’s beauty, style, comfort and function. To learn more about these window styles, don’t hesitate to give your local window contractor a call today.

Author Bio:
Andy Stellpflug is the owner of Renewal by Andersen® of Wyoming. He’s been in the window business since 2004, growing alongside his company and developing a reputation for being honest, fair and hardworking. When he’s not with customers and staff, he likes spending time outdoors. For updates from Andy, check out the company blog!

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