Tear Down That Wall: 5 Home Improvements to Make This Summer

Tear Down That Wall: 5 Home Improvements to Make This Summer
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    As summer approaches, it’s important to think about any repairs or enhancements that your home needs so that you can schedule your home improvement projects accordingly.


The necessary repairs and updates can make your home more structurally sound and may increase your property’s value. Here are five home improvements to make this summer.

Siding Replacement

If the exterior of your home has siding materials, they might be starting to flake and peel away. According to BobVila.com, mold and mildew can also accumulate around your old siding and cause it to rot. Replacing your siding can give your home better resistance to environmental elements and help cut your heating and cooling costs by improving your insulation.

Pest Extermination

Rodents and other creepy crawlers tend to come out of the wood work as the weather gets warmer. If bugs, rodents and other critters are wreaking havoc on your property, you should implement the best pest control solutions to eliminate the problem.

Many professional exterminators use eco-friendly products that eliminate pests without harming humans. You can also go the DIY route and set up traps and use your own pesticides to try to resolve the issue. If pests have caused any structural or wiring damage, you should budget to have the necessary repairs made.

New Windows Installation

Having new windows put in your home can save you money on energy and help improve your indoor air quality. With new windows, you’ll likely notice less dust, dirt and pollen accumulations around your living space. New windows can add more natural light to your home. They can enhance your home’s design and even make your place more energy efficient.

Landscaping Enhancements

One of the most common things people do when the weather gets warmer is enhance their landscape. People want their lawn, flower beds, and trees all to look nice. After all, the nicer these things look, the nicer their house looks from a curb appeal stand point. Your front, back and side yards can look better and be more functional if you take the time to improve your landscaping.

Removing weeds, mowing grass and planting new plants and flowers are just a few ways to enhance your landscaping. You might also consider adding new walkways, lighting and other outdoor fixtures to your property.

Concrete Damage Repairs

Damage in your concrete that lines your walkways and home’s foundation can lead to major problems if it isn’t repaired in a timely manner. Even small cracks can quickly grow bigger and cause the rest of your concrete surfacing to crumble. Concrete crack filler or silicone caulk can often be used to repair minor damage. Complete resurfacing may be required for more extensive damage.

Improving your home this summer will be a wise investment of time and money. By making the right improvements, your home will stand a better chance of lasting through the other seasons.

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If you want windows installed in any areas that have concrete walls, a company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc. can provide wall sawing services to cut through the concrete and make space for each new window.

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