Different Types of Elements Used for Knife Sharpening

Different Types of Elements Used for Knife Sharpening
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    There are different elements that you can use for knife sharpening to get the most out of your knives.

    You will always require keeping the knife sharp so that you do not require any extra force to be exerted while cutting anything with your knife.


This excess force may result in slipping of the knife or injuries therefore, sharpening is essential. But how will you know which sharpening tool is best for your blade, whether it is the sharpening stone or a rod, or whether it will be best to use a sharpening system? You can also use an electrical sharpening machine or most conveniently get someone else to do the job for you.

The Different Types

Here is the list of different elements that you can use for knife sharpening along with the features and benefits of each. Weigh the pros and cons well before you decide to buy and use one. However, the type of sharpening element you choose will also depend on the type of the knife, the material and the amount of sharpness required for your cutting needs. The list of sharpening elements includes:

  • Whetstones

    These can be single or available in a combination of two types of stone grits. The advantage of using these stones is many as it is good for thinning knives and also gives the knives a longer life span.

    This element is best and most effective way to sharpen, grind and hone the knife edge to perfection. In the downside, using this requires a lot of skill and time and is certainly not for the beginners.

  • Sharpening Steels

    These are those coarse diamond products that are good for domestic use and for those knives that do not require frequent sharpening.

    This element is also very easy to use and takes less time to sharpen. But on the downside, this works only on softer blades and it actually hones the knife but does not sharpen it.

  • Sharpening Rods

    These are ceramic sharpener that are highly effective for quick and easy knife sharpening requirements. This produces results at the professional level and at the same time extends the life expectancy of the knife overall. This too has some demerits like it is not effective for those knives that have a blunt edge already. Moreover, you must use this on a regular basis to prevent the blades from becoming blunt frequently.

  • Electric Sharpeners

    These are costly alternative but produces results fast and as desired. The most significant benefit of this element is that you will need no skill of knife sharpening or experience to handle it. These sharpeners are quite bigger in size and it will take up a considerable space of the kitchen counter. Moreover, if the knife is held incorrectly, this may damage the knife.

  • Handheld Sharpeners

    Lastly you can also use a handheld sharpener that is extremely easy and safe to use. These are very small and compact in design and all the times it usually gives good results. The only problem with this system is that these can be used only on smaller knives and the clamping system can cause scratching.

Ways to Sharpen Your Knives

There are four different techniques for sharpening a knife. You can use the knife sharpening systems that are the guided devices that can be used for knife sharpening with precision. Then there is another but most common process of sharpening the blades manually by hand with the help of whetstones using only your muscles and memory during the process.

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