Tips To Grow A Money Plant In Your Home

Tips To Grow A Money Plant In Your Home
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    Money Plants are considered to bring wealth and prosperity in the house.

    They energize the home by providing fresh and pure air to breathe.


Money plants enhance the interior décor of your home with their beauty and add a tinge of greenery. According to Feng Shui, money plants should be placed in the favorable locations inside the house for the better financial and health aspects. If you are planning to grow money plants in your house, consider the following tips to ensure their healthy growth.

When to Grow a Money Plant?

To grow a money plant inside the house require a lot of care and understanding about the type of soil and temperature that guarantees its healthy growth. You can easily buy lucky money plant online or from the plant nursery. It can be grown during any season of the year.

Essential Soil & Sunlight

Plant the money plant in a pot with holes at the bottom for proper drainage in the well-drained soil. Keep it away from too much direct sunlight as it can turn the leaves yellow and leave them dry. You can also keep it on your balcony under the minimal amount of light to ensure its suitable growth.

Watering & Fertilizers

You can water your money plant thoroughly once in a week. The excess of water can ruin its roots inside the soil. Put a stick in the soil to provide support to the vines. To ensure the healthy growth of money plant, give it liquid nitrate based plant food during the growing season.

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Regular Trimming

A money plant can grow really tall and being an indoor plant you would probably not want it to extend a certain height. Therefore, to maintain the height of your money plant you need to trim in within six months or a year. Remove the yellow or dead leaves to provide a healthy growth to the plant and cut the tips of the extra leaves or branches to keep it in the right shape and size.

If you carefully follow the plant caring tips mentioned above, then your money plant can turn out to be quite beautiful and healthy. There are a variety of money plants available that you can select to grow in your home. Examples include the Crassula money plant, Lunaria Annua money plant, Epipremnum Aureum money plant, etc.

According to Vastu, money plant should be kept in the south-east direction of the living room to remove the bad luck and health, peace and prosperity in the house. You should avoid keeping money plant in the north-east direction of your house. You can gift the plant to your friends and family members for wishing them good luck and better financial prospects.

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