Easy Tricks to Maintain the Shine and Looks of Canvas Paintings

Easy Tricks to Maintain the Shine and Looks of Canvas Paintings
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    When an individual makes an investment in the artwork he/she loves, it is best for them to make an effort to keep the art pieces in the right condition.


However, some of the art lovers might not know what should be done to maintain canvas paintings. For such people, the steps listed below should be followed to the fullest:

Spit Cleaning of Paintings

This is one of the basic steps when it comes to maintaining stylish modern canvas paintings. The individual should use a dry soft cloth to gently dust the surface and prevent the buildup of dirt. The glass that covers the painting can be cleaned with the help of a glass cleaner. One important point to note here is that household cleaners, furniture cleaners, or cleaning agents should not be applied on these paintings.

If the owner of the stylish modern canvas paintings finds dirt that cannot be cleaned with the help of a cleaning cloth or a soft brush, then a little amount of distilled water can be used to clean it. A cotton swab can be used to carefully remove the dust or dirt from the paintings. Caution should be exercised to ensure that a lot of water is not used; the swab should be moistened lightly. If the cleaning is still not successful, then a professional should be bought in.

Spit Cleaning of Paintings

Even though saliva might sound like an unorthodox cleaning agent, some of the museums use it to clean stylish modern canvas paintings. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed while cleaning a painting with the help of saliva. The person who intends to clean the painting should not eat or drink for 30 minutes before applying this method of cleaning. This is important because the saliva can affect the chemistry of the painting. The other guidelines are-

  • Before using this method, one corner of the painting should be tested before applying it across the painting.
  • A soft material should be used to apply the spit on the painting.
  • There are certain websites that recommend users to eat certain foods before using saliva for the process of cleaning. Some of the well-known food items are raw potatoes and white bread.

Preservation of Paintings

Stylish modern canvas paintings should be hung in areas that are not subject to bright and direct sunlight. This is because direct sunlight causes the colors to lose their brightness. The paintings gradually lose their colors, even if they are not exposed to sunlight. Some of the other tips for storage are:

  1. The paintings should not be exposed to excess of moisture. This is because moisture can cause contraction and expansion of the painting or even sometimes growth in fungus.
  2. Insects have the potential to cause damage to any kind of painting. If the owner of the painting suspects that the area is infested with bugs, the paintings should be properly packed in plastic and a professional should examine and clean the painting.
  3. One more tip that is slightly expensive is the installation of UV-protected glass on top of the paintings. There are different grades of glasses available in the market. Since this type of glass is usually reflective, paper patchwork should be done behind the glass to ensure that the paintings can be seen even when the sun is shining on the paintings.

All the tips listed above are a great way for people who exhibit stylish modern canvas paintings at home. For paintings exhibited at museums and art exhibitions, it is better to consult expert cleaners who have spent time in the market cleaning and maintaining a lot of paintings.

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