WiFi Kitchen Counter Appliances – Why do People Love Them so Much?

WiFi Kitchen Counter Appliances – Why do People Love Them so Much?
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    With more people working from home, super kitchens are becoming more than just a convenience;...

    ... they are becoming a necessity for many people.


WiFi Kitchen Counter Appliances

When you first think about it, the popularity of WiFi kitchen counter appliances doesn’t seem to make much sense. I mean, why would people want so much technology in what has traditionally always been a place for cooking and eating?

But when you look at it from a modern perspective, super kitchens (the kitchens being designed today) make perfect sense. With more and more people working from home, super kitchens are becoming more than just a convenience; they are becoming a necessity for many people.

So what are the features of super kitchens today, you ask?

Features, Features, Features!

Just look at this short list of features and you’ll understand why the modern person (especially someone who works from home) loves his super kitchen so much:

  • wireless charging counters
  • many outlets where you can plug in a wide variety of tools/devices
  • silent dishwashers
  • built in ipad docking area or laptop station
  • full size tvs
  • warming drawers for keeping meals warmer longer; very useful for people working non traditional hours
  • restaurant quality drink stations: tea, coffee, soda systems, all built in.
  • temperature controlled wine refrigerators

These features speak for themselves. I don’t think I need to elaborate.

We can also see the shift towards super kitchens with the two-kitchen island design. One island is typically used for food preparation and the other for working. These will often be in the form of oversized countertops made for about 6 to 8 people. People are literally knocking down their walls to accommodate these features!

A Bigger Kitchen Is A Better Kitchen

A bigger kitchen can hold more awesome features such as:

  • WiFi connected oven
  • WiFi connected coffeemaker
  • Even something as obscure as a WiFi connected sous-vide circulator, which is a device that cooks sealed food in a water bath at the ideal temperature.

As you can see from these few examples, the most commonplace appliances are already WiFi ready.

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The Amazon Echo

If your kitchen is like a Star Trek spaceship, then the Amazon Echo is like the Star Trek super computer holding it all together. This amazing device combines the most common WiFi uses in a convenient and powerful package. These uses include:

  • Play all of your music from all of your favorite online services. Listen to it in high quality, 360 degree omni directional audio.
  • Far-field voice recognition. Speak to it from across the room and it will hear you, even if there is loud music playing.
  • Control many different parts of your home.
  • Call or message anyone through various different phone apps.

The Amazon Echo is improving all the time. New features are constantly being added.

The same can also be said for super kitchens, which is the main reason why so many people are falling in love with their super kitchen and the WiFi kitchen counter appliances that make it.

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