Framed vs Frameless Pool Fencing: Which One Should You Choose?

Framed vs Frameless Pool Fencing: Which One Should You Choose?
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    Having a fencing around your pool is very important for the overall safety of your house.

    We all know how kids are, and our pets are no different either; in order to ensure a safe environment for them, it is essential to invest in pool fencing.


A swimming pool is something which everyone loves to get installed in their home as they offer a great way to spend quality and fun time with your loved ones. Because many people prefer to have one at their home, many countries have laws which are dedicated to make them safer. These laws are absolutely justifiable as they are in place to ensure safety of an area which is prone to accidents.

We all are aware that kids love to play in and around the swimming pool, and this may result in accidents. Getting a pool fencing installed around it, lowers the chances of mishappenings drastically.

Every place has many reliable companies which can help you with glass pool fencing supply, and install them as well. Once you take the decision and go out to choose your pick, you will see that you have many options to choose from; so, make sure that you research your choices in advance.

There are two major types of pool fencing that you can choose from, framed and frameless fences; you can also choose the middle ground by choosing the semi-framed fencing. Let’s discuss these types further.

Framed Fencing

Framed glass fencing is the traditional type of pool fencing and is preferred by many homeowners today. It is made of plain glass panels which are connected and held together with the help of stainless steel posts.

When you decide to get these installed, the first step is placing these connecting posts (which are deeply embedded in the ground). The glass panels are then slid into place with care. The whole assemblage is then protected and sealed by using a bar which is placed on the top.

This fencing protects the swimming pool area of your house and the glass allows you to enjoy the view outside while you are enjoying a swim. However, the only drawback here is that the view is obstructed by the frame’s steel posts.

Frameless Fencing

If you want to go for a fencing which is seamless, frameless glass fencing is your best bet. People who want to install a fence which gives a illusion of “no barrier” go for this type of fencing as this completely allows the person to accomplish this vision. Unlike the framed fences, the glass panes here are held together by stainless steel spigots, rather than poles. This spigots are either drilled deep in ground or are cemented on the surrounding ground. Since the glass panels are supported by spigots, their look is not compromised and the view is not obstructed.

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Fencing the pool area of your house is one of those things that you should not ignore or take lightly. Both, framed and frameless glass fencing, are good options and take the safety quotient of your house up by many notches.

And if you still need more options, you can always opt for semi-framed fences. In semi-framed pool fencing, the glass panes are slid into stainless steel frames and are left free and open from the top and bottom.

We will leave you with one final thought before we end it: Make sure to have a word with your contractor before finalizing the fencing.



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