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Get Real! Marketing Strategies Every Realtor Can Use

Get Real! Marketing Strategies Every Realtor Can Use
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    There are plenty of ideas on the internet about the best ways to market your real estate business.

    Maybe you've read 237 tricks you need to know to sell a house and 3,954 surprising ways to target home buyers. The articles didn’t help.

    What happened?


One of the clearest trends in marketing today is the consumer-driven demand for transparency. Gimmicks might get you noticed, but will they get you clients? More importantly: What will bring in the clients? You will. Check out these strategies for real estate marketing.


The concept of branding has been around for a while. You build your platform through a blog, Twitter account, Facebook and Instagram. E-newsletters and social media feeds build your reputation, and your followers become clients. That’s the theory. Too often though, what happens is that you can’t maintain it. The website gathers dust, your last blog post was a year ago, and you can’t quite remember your password for Twitter. It’s okay. Branding doesn’t have to be that hard.

A Recognizable Look

The best branding creates a consistent image. That’s all it is—consistency. It can be something simple: Remember when Century 21 agents always wore gold blazers? A unifying color or font used in all your promotional materials (from business cards to postcards to thank you cards) creates a cohesive brand. Embrace who you are for this. If turquoise is your color, then be the realtor with turquoise signs, turquoise pens, and a turquoise website.

A Steady Focus

Select social media that actually reaches your clients. Instagram is a smart pick for posting pictures of listings. You can use the geo-tag feature so prospective buyers can see location. But, do you have extra time to Tweet with millennials if your market is mostly seniors on Linked-In? Find where your clients are and concentrate your efforts there. Don’t worry about doing it all. Keep your content fresh, but not hectic. For example, most platforms let you set a schedule to deliver content regularly. Instead of publishing five blog posts in one day, set them to publish once a day. Continue adding more posts to the queue regularly, so you stay ahead of yourself. That keeps things fresh and consistent.

A True You

Above all else, stay genuine. Your branding needs to accurately reflect who you are to potential clients. Buyers today are not buying fake. So if, for example, your approach is hardcore go-getter, don’t spend the budget on warm-fuzzy ads. Remember, if you are the agent who comes with a dog, that dog should photobomb listing shots and info-videos, help write the blog, and answer your phones. (Maybe not that last one.)

Meme What You Say

Every agent’s listed that house—the one with more furnishings than square footage. You’re picturing it now, and somewhere you have actual pictures of that house. Find them. Those over-crowded rooms make perfect illustrations for memes with quips and tips about yard sales, storage units, and staging your home to sell. Realtors know details about home buying and selling that the general public doesn’t. You’ve learned from experience. So use that personal experience as a marketing tool. Let your sense of humor show too. Include a few jokes—maybe even a pun or two. Clients are more likely to share, tumble, and re-post memes that make them laugh (or shake their head).

YouTube Channel

When you look at successful realtor marketing campaigns from 2016, you notice that most of them use humor, and many of them used YouTube. Perhaps spoofing popular music videos isn’t your style. You prefer movie parodies, comedy sketches, ballet or kung fu. Whatever you do, choose something authentic to you. Realtor channel content can include videos about:

  • The agent.
    Not a resume, a chance to be yourself.
  • The process. Break the home-buying or home-selling process down in clips about specific aspects.
  • Home tours.
    Try a unique approach. Perhaps "Best Bathroom of the Week" or "Top 10 Front Doors" to promote your listings.
  • Garden tours.
    Follow-up with videos of the grounds to generate more interest.
  • Neighborhood tours.
    You know there’s a great school up the street and a playground two doors down, and if you make a video about it, so will prospective buyers.

Whatever your video content does, keep it professional and maintain your brand. The banners and headers you use on your website and blog should match your YouTube banners. Consistency suggests thoroughness and reliability. A professional look means even when you’re a bit goofy, potential clients will recognize that as a sense of fun.

The Write Stuff

Every time you list a property, take the time to include as many details as possible. Leaving sections of the MLS information blank, or writing a short description that only says "it’s for sale" would get the house on the market faster, but it also leaves house-hunters with unanswered questions. Today’s buyers are more likely to dismiss the listing if the online information is incomplete.

In the final analysis, your hard work and commitment is what will keep clients coming back to you. Your reputation drives clients to you. Your dedication is what keeps them happy and posting good reviews on Yelp! and Google+. In the meantime, apply some of that dedication to making sure your marketing honestly reflects your personal style, wealth of experience and sense of humor.

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