Winter’s Toll: How to Take Care of Your Yard through the Cold Months

Winter’s Toll: How to Take Care of Your Yard through the Cold Months
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    While winter might bring the beautiful snow that you love watching your kids live with, the season can also wreak havoc on your lawn.


Between the build-up of snow, the ice that falls and the products that you use to melt that ice, spring can reveal a yellow and brown lawn with lots of empty patches. Proper care of your lawn in the winter can make you look forward to spring.

Watch for Icicles and Salt Build-Up

Whether you have a single tree in your yard or dozens of trees, you need to keep your eyes peeled for icicles forming on those branches. Those icicles can add so much extra weight that it forces the tree to topple over, and those icicles can actually break a tree right in half. Knocking the icicles off and melting patches of ice can help. Look for a build-up of salt and chemicals too. The same chemicals that you use to melt the ice and snow can severely damage and even kill your lawn.

Use Fertilizer

When winter brings cold temperatures but fewer snowy days, you can and should fertilize your lawn. Fertilizers contain healthy ingredients that strengthen the individual blades of grass. When snow does fall, it will later melt, and that water will help the fertilizer penetrate deep into the ground and into the root system. This allows the fertilizer to reach all the plants and vegetation around your lawn.

Shovel Snow

If you have flower beds and other areas where you keep plants and small trees, you will want to shovel out excess snow. With that said, having some snow in this areas is usually ok as it is just frozen water. You just don’t want so much snow build up that it is weighing down on your plants and other flowers as it could potentially kill them in the long run. Basically you just want to make sure these areas are well kept during the winter months.

Trim Weeds and Trees

Hiring a company like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. to trim your trees in the winter can prevent potential disasters. Those branches can easily hang over your house and knock against the roof to pull off shingles and damage the underlayment. Longer and thicker branches can also accumulate more ice, which can eventually kill the trees. Ask about trimming or removing any weeds in your yard too. Certain types of weeds can thrive in the colder months and take over your lawn, killing your favorite plants.

How to Prune (Not Kill) Trees and Shrubs:

Apply a Lawn Repair Solution

One of the best things about winter is that the cold temperatures will kill some types of weeds and give you a better view of what your lawn looks like and its overall health. You can more clearly see the dead and dying patches on your lawn. Applying a lawn repair solution is the best remedy for those spots. As with fertilizer, melting snow and ice can spread that solution across the grass to repair your entire lawn.

Don’t let winter wreak havoc on your lawn this year. Use these tips to enjoy a lusher and greener lawn in the spring.

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