Weekly Tip for May 08: How and Why you Need to take Care of your Home’s Siding

<span>Weekly Tip for May 08:</span> How and Why you Need to take Care of your Home’s Siding
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    Siding consists of the protective materials applied along the exterior walls of a home.

    Regardless of what type of siding your home has, it's the part most closely exposed to the elements and for this reason, it's likely to take a beating over time.

    Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ensure that your siding lasts at least as long as it's supposed to.


First of all, it’s important to note that there are various types of siding currently in use. Since it also serves a decorative purpose, homeowners and builders often have different ideas about what looks good on their homes. In fact, walls made from brick or masonry veneer don’t require any siding at all and are still quite common. The most common materials used for siding today include wood, metal and vinyl.

Wood Siding

Of all the different types of siding available, wood siding requires the most care. Depending on how harsh the environment is where you live, your siding should be treated at least every 5 years. If you live in the mountains, the sun and snow can be particularly damaging to wood and it would be wise to treat it more often than if you live in an area with a mild climate.

In most cases, repair consists of pressure washing, replacing rotten elements, re-nailing loose pieces and sealing holes and gaps along the underlying surface. Since pests can easily creep in through cracks and pores, it’s best to identify the root of any such problem before attempting repairs that will have to be repeated. If you find problems specific to certain areas, look for obvious causes like damaged gutters and overgrown tree roots that may be directing too much water to the areas in question.

Metal Siding

The primary issue that come up most with metal siding is rust. This problem should be taken care of early on by scraping the rust off and coating the siding with a sealant that will keep it from getting out of control. If your siding is painted and it’s beginning to chip, scrape off the old paint and repaint it as necessary. Unless the entire coat is fairly old, you should be able to get away with repainting just the affected areas.

Vinyl Siding

The best thing about vinyl siding is that it’s designed to require very little maintenance. You can keep it clean by pressure washing it once or twice a year to clean off any accumulated dirt or dust. Another good idea is to use a broom to brush off as much of the surface as you can get to, especially nooks and crannies where insects may be hiding.

Occasionally, a piece of vinyl siding may come loose due to high winds, hail or a stray football. These should be set back in place right away, before they become bent out of shape and require replacement.

Keep in mind that if your home is more than one story tall, you may require the services of vinyl siding professionals like D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc. There’s no sense in getting injured while trying to fix a single piece of siding that’s too difficult to reach.

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Fortunately, most types of siding are fairly resistant to damage. Most of the time, pressure washing is all you should have to worry about. As long as you keep your siding clean, inspect it often and fix any problems right away, it’s designed to continue protecting your home for many years to come.

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