Keeping Your Kitchen Expense Under Control With These Storage Tips

Keeping Your Kitchen Expense Under Control With These Storage Tips
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    When you build a house, you ensure there is a big enough kitchen.

    There has to be a larder, a store, cabinets, drawers and everything else.

    And then suddenly you realize that all these are getting so difficult to handle.


You buy loads of stuff and store it as you have space. And then you forget all about it.

One fine day you come across loads of things lying at the back. And most of it would have been spoilt by now. In addition to being extra work, you are also wasting a lot this way. So perhaps you need to organize things differently.

Use transparent boxes.

This is important. In case you have kids in the house, opt for plastic. Use transparent glass or plastic containers to store foodstuffs in your kitchen. This way you will immediately know what you have and what you do not. You will also come to know what is getting spoilt and what you need to cook immediately.

Label It!

Most of us are doing it. But we also tend to fill up something else in a container having a different label. Then the whole purpose of labeling goes away. Keep food in different sections. Keep dry meat away from nuts. Do not mix flour and legumes. Keep processed foods in separate shelves.

First in, first out.

Each time you come back from the superstore, keep the stuff you buy at the back. All the old food must be pushed to the front. Make sure that you cook whatever is lying in the kitchen before opening new packets. This way you will also know what is lying in the kitchen and what is more likely to get spoilt.

Keep your kitchen tidy.

Even if you have a big kitchen, it does not mean that you have to keep it loaded. Have empty spaces in your kitchen. Keep empty containers stored away somewhere. Keep on cleaning your kitchen at frequent intervals. Check the freezer from time to time. Cold cuts and other meat items should not be kept for too long. Consume these early.

Easy Fridge Organization to Keep Food Fresh + to Grab & Go {how to organize}

Load up your kitchen with healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables. Buy minimum of processed foods. Keep cookies and chocolates far away. Always keep a fresh fruit basket with easy reach so that people can pick a fruit on the go. Have little bowls of salads in your fridge so that people can pick these up when they are hungry!

Spoiling of food is an expense and a bad habit too. Teach this to your kids also.

Start inculcating good habits in all. Talk to your friends about it. In fact, you can even do some calculations to show them how much they can save by being good planners themselves. Share this article with them through social media like Facebook and others!

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