Cool Space Saving Ideas for a Basement Bedroom Renovation

Cool Space Saving Ideas for a Basement Bedroom Renovation
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    Using space efficiently can be difficult, especially when remodeling a small basement into a bedroom.

    However, space-saving tricks will give any room a nest-like, neat, and homey feel.


According to Better Homes and Gardens, finishing a home’s basement is an excellent and cost-savvy alternative addition to your home. You can expect to reap 75 cents on the dollar when it comes time to sell, and may also see a bump in home value due to increasing the bedroom count on your listing. If you’re looking for some space-saving tips for adding a basement bedroom, here are several ideas to incorporate in your remodel.

Use the Space Under the Bed

Unless the person who will be using the basement bedroom has need of a therapeutic bed, there’s little reason to wedge in a traditional bed if there simply isn’t enough space. Build a pallet bed with deep drawers underneath to store bedding and other bulky items. A series of more shallow drawers to one side can be used for clothing, craft supplies, or shoes. 

Make Use of Ceiling Space

Use long screws and anchors to install a clothing bar in one corner on the ceiling. This will eliminate the need for a closet, which can eat up floor space. The space under the hanging clothes can be used for a hamper or a small chest of drawers.

Install a Fold-Down Table

Fold-down tables are wonderful for saving space and providing a work surface when one is needed. You can also attach a white board, calendar, or mirror to the underside of the table, so it’s accessible when the table is folded up. As long as the table is anchored properly and a brace is used when one is needed, a fold-up table is every bit as sturdy as a traditional table without occupying a ton of floor space.

Hang the Electronics

Mount the television on the wall, and forgo an entertainment stand. Cluster gaming systems on a small shelf, use a lap-desk for the laptop computer, and hang the DVD player using a bracket. For music, small speakers can be mounted high up on the walls, where they will provide excellent sound quality without being in the way. This will free up floor space while allowing the room’s occupant to have all their electronics in one place.

Mount the Lamps on the Wall

While the glare of an overhead light can be overwhelming, lamps can eat space on nightstands or dressers. Mount a lamp over the head of the bed for reading, and don’t forget a lamp to the side of the fold-up table, or other work space. A flexible, goose-neck lamp is a great choice, and there are many other models and types to choose from at home stores.

Use the Windowsills

Deep window sills can be great to use as a shelf, and can also be great for anchoring ladder-like shelving units in as well. If you have a basement room with an exposed wall, a large window with a deep recess can be used instead of a night stand. Just be certain you’re not cutting off an exit if your use a window sill and that the window can still be opened in an emergency. Use home window treatments where you can make sure they block out light no matter what direction they face.

Consider Cabinets for Unused Space

Above the headboard, tucked into an alcove, or stashed behind the door, cabinets can fit in just about anywhere. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes, so there’s no need to worry they might look like they belong in a kitchen. Kids will also love cabinets because they stash clutter and toys away quite easily.

Using space efficiently can be difficult, especially when remodeling a small basement into a bedroom. However, space-saving tricks will give any room a nest-like, neat, and homey feel. These tips are just the beginning, so sketch out your plans carefully and incorporate your own ideas before beginning work.



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