Impact of Feng Shui for Small Apartments and Flats

Impact of Feng Shui for Small Apartments and Flats
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    All those newly married couples, singles, aspiring actors who are moving into the city, you always always face problems regarding right kind of accommodation.


(It is always advisable for people like this to opt property in Mumbai . These flats are always economical).

Once you find the place, one must always consider giving the flat a positive touch or energy. As you have no control over the Vastu of the already built flat, it is better to rely on Feng Shui for the purpose.

Using Feng Shui for Small Places

What Is Feng Shui? This will be the question that will come in the minds of many. Feng shui is an art or a technology of balancing energy in a space for the purpose of better health and prosperity of the people living in the space. The meaning of Feng is Wind and the meaning of Shui is water. Wind and water are linked to good health in the Chinese culture .The whole concept revolves around the philosophy of Taos who believe a land has life and it is filled with energy which they refer an s Chi.

Here are some easy to do Feng shui procedure for small apartments.

The Entrance

The very opening of your flat is the entrance door for you as well as the energy to flow in. Always keep this area clean and keep it clutter free and make it look very inviting, the same  cleaning is required in the interiors of the entrance door ,as this the way through the energy flows out too.

Smooth Flow

To keep the flow of energy smooth, the arrangements in the flats should be made in a way which doesn’t stop the flow. It is always good to imagine energy as a body of water flowing through your entrance door, the flow of the water gives you an idea how smooth the energy will flow in your flat. If furniture and other items are arranges in unevenly then the flow of energy will be blocked. It’s any day better to take an effort to arrange the furniture in a neat way rather than compromising on the flow of energy inside the house.

Hazardous furniture

Lot of Feng shui experts say that “Remove any furniture that you collide with for example bangs your head, hit the toes etc. These are always unsafe and create negative impact. Furniture wit round edges are most suitable than the ones with pointed edges. If something resembles of a weapon inside the room that has to be instantly removed.

Mirror Effect

Mirror does wonders in Feng shui; Experts advice the usage of mirror channelized the energy flow inside a house. Mirrors can be placed in the rooms which are dark, to bring in some light and energy, near dining areas, but it is not advisable to place the mirror right opposite to the entrance door or any door as it drives back the energy that flows through the entrance. With the help of mirrors the apartment or flat can look bigger due to the reflections

Utilization of the storage facility.

Whatever amount of storage is available in your flat it should be put into efficient use. Always  it is better to opt for vertical storages ,for example if you have a passage  between your hall and the bedroom make use of it by installing small shelves there and to store items in it.

Always make sure to keep the house a clutter free zone and keep the energy circulating by installing hanging crystal of energy in the ceiling etc this makes your home very inviting as well as it keeps positive energy in you and makes you feel like coming home every night after work, most importantly it gives you the much needed good luck.

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