Rustic Design Used In Modern Times

Rustic Design Used In Modern Times
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    It is quite obvious that rustic is quickly turning into the “new green”.

    People do choose environmentally friendly features and rustic design is making a strong comeback because of this.


You can so easily use antique distressed or even recycled features in your house. Contrary to what you may believe, rustic décor is inexpensive, trendy and fun. Everyone would love it. You just need to know how to properly combine it so our modern needs can be fulfilled by a rustic item.

Wood And Metal Rustic Design

As you can so easily notice when you go to the official websites like manufacturers (for instance, House Junkie), wood and metal basically dominate the entire rustic theme. It is a good idea to use a soften headboard that is made out of wood and then combine it with exposed metal in the bedroom. Using fabric with an old-fashioned look just adds to the design. You will have no problems in finding such a fabric in a thrift store. You will not have to spend too much on it and the complete rustic remodeling journey can be completed with looking or draping fabrics over metal curtain rods.

Kitchen Rustic Design

Your kitchen is usually the first one that you want to give a makeover to. Antique furniture is rarely considered and that is a true shame since it can add both charm and a feeling of warmth. If you do not really like granite or laminate and you want to use something that is more unique, wood or recovered tile can easily offer the feeling of a very cozy cottage to a modern kitchen.

Antique Versus Rustic

When we say antique, people think about something that is gleaming, delicate and really fancy. It is the sort of “look but do not touch” item that few people actually want in their homes. That is not actually the case when referring to rustic furnishings since they are antique but can definitely be touched and used without a problem. For instance, a rocking chair can easily stand out as appealing and guests will love it. You can use kitchen tables that are scarred and would not intimidate the guests. Rustic decorations are highly popular especially because they offer that feeling of time having passed and great things having happened where they are used.

Rustic design is usually warm and cozy and it can also bring in a sense of funky or fun. Rust old items made out of wrought iron can be reconditioned and then painted with really unusual colors. You thus end up with a great conversation piece that looks stunning.

Rustic Design Is Cheap

If there is just one reason to mention as to why you want to consider rustic design, it is price. You can so easily afford some wonderful rustic furniture that will practically change your entire home. At the same time, you can spend a lot on some items that are both modern and rustic. Everything depends on your budget but both options are available.



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