Safety First with Conservatory Blinds

Safety First with Conservatory Blinds
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    Once upon a time, when blinds salesmen would try to make a sale, they would talk solely about the benefits of their products.

    However, the world is changing and customers are aware of a range of details they need to ask about.


One of these things is safety, and that is something that applies very strongly to conservatory blinds.

The Danger of Conservatory Blinds

There have been a number of deaths involving young children caused by strangulation by the cords of blinds. Luckily, almost all blinds manufacturers have signed up to an initiative to make blinds shutters. Various campaigns have started to make people aware of the dangers of blind cords if they already have conservatory blinds. Additionally, campaigns are taking place to make sure manufacturers use alternative systems that remove the risk of strangulation.

Safe Blinds

Window blinds are often placed at a height, which means children will struggle to reach the cords. However, this doesn’t mean that they are completely safe either. Basically, if a control cord is there, then a risk is there as well. This is why it is recommended to choose blinds with cleats, non-looped controls, tension pulleys or cord tidies instead.

There are also options such as pleated blinds with friction systems, spring operated rollers, wand controls, remote controlled blinds and perfect fit blinds to choose from. The most important thing, however, is to be aware as a blind owner that the danger is there. You must teach your children not to play with them in order to keep them safe.

Conservatory Blinds

There are two categories of conservatory blinds, being:

  • Window blinds
  • Roof blinds

Window blinds have been described in the paragraph above and can be kept completely safe by being aware of the different models. Roof blinds tend to be the safe options. This is because they are so high up that they have to be operated with a mechanism other than simple cords. Usually, they have remote controls or wands. However, if you have manually operated roller blinds, they do have to have some sort of looped control cord in order to open and close them. These do tend to be out of reach due to their height, and you can use a cord tidy if they are long enough to reach the ground. The reality is that the risk exists and that young children in particular have an uncanny ability to find dangerous things.

It is very important to consider the safety of your children when it comes to blinds. Other members of your household that could be at risk are your pets and it is often much easier for them to reach high-up blinds, particularly if you have a cat or a bird. Hence, always take into consideration what the safety features of your blinds are, and whether there is anything you can do to improve the safety of these items. It is always better to be safe than sorry, after all, particularly when it comes to your loved ones.



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