How To Effectively Build A Specific Tone For Your Home

How To Effectively Build A Specific Tone For Your Home
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    It is easy, especially for new homeowners, to be unsure about how to give a home a certain atmosphere.

    Most often, people simply buy the furnishings they like as they come across them and throw them all together into their homes.


But, if you want your home to have a certain tone to it, there are certain things you should consider. Even if you are currently living in a mish-mash of various decorative styles, there are ways to create a cohesive tone.

Reduce Clutter

One of the biggest steps toward creating the perfect atmosphere is to make your home clutter-free. Regardless of whether you have the most beautiful furnishings or decorations, a cluttered home equals a negative tone. Everything should have its own place in your home. For things that don’t necessarily have one place in which they are stored or displayed, the perfect solution is a catch-all. In plain terms, a catch-all is merely something that you designate to hold all of your miscellaneous items.

This can be anything such as a storage bin, drawer (a.k.a. junk drawer), or hidden storage as with storage ottomans. Either way, these offer a great place to toss things into when tidying up quickly around your home. Ideally, you’ll want to only keep the necessities and things that are important to you in your home. Everything else should be considered unnecessary clutter and either be removed from your home or organized and stored properly.


Everyone has their own color preferences, but you should know what color palettes create certain tones in your home. First off, if your home is primarily neutral in color, try adding a splash of color. Flowers, throw pillows, curtains, and rugs make for great opportunities to add a little color to your home. If you are up to the challenge, try giving a room a new coat of paint for a clear sense of atmosphere in your home.

Earth tones such as browns and greens create a calm tone that can make your home feel more relaxing. Bright, bold colors, on the other hand, give your home an energetic and stimulating atmosphere. Therefore, many people prefer calmer tones in their bedrooms for a sense of restfulness and brighter tones in kitchens or even home offices for a more uplifting sense.


One of the best ways to create a certain atmosphere in your home is to inject it with a sense of inspiration. This can be related to anything that is important to you personally. Family values, tranquility, and even confidence can exude from your home with the right decorative choices. These can include pictures, unique lamps, vases, and other common decorative household objects.

For a strong sense of family values, for example, family portraits are perfect. Buddha statuettes and table-top fountains are a great way to create a sense of tranquility. And for an overall positive atmosphere, paintings, posters, and other works of art with powerful imagery are the quintessential solution.


You should also know how certain lighting can affect the tone of your home. For one, you should always make sure to have as much natural light in your home as possible. Not only is natural light psychologically and physiologically good for you, but it also makes you more at ease in your home. Of course, however, once the sun goes down, it is time for the artificial lights to shine.

Warm lighting such as yellow or orange tinted lights create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Cool lighting, on the other hand, such as white or blue-ish lighting creates an uplifting and focused tone in your home. Naturally, as with color, different lighting works best for different rooms.  


Ever notice how someone’s home has a distinct smell (good or bad) when you first enter it? Well, you can be sure that the same goes for your home as well. You may not think there is any particular scent to your home, but this is only because you’ve grown so accustomed to it day in and day out. Obviously, the first consideration is to make sure there are no foul smells in your home. Take care to ensure that your trash can, garbage disposal, and other sources of smelly odors are regularly clean and de-odorized.

Next, be sure to air out your home on a regular basis. The air in your home is constantly re-circulated and can become stale after a while. Open a window or door to let in fresh air that’s ready to be beautifully accented. Candles and incense are the best option for bringing whatever scent you desire into your home. It is important not to add these scents to particularly stale air, however, as they will mix with other less desirable scents rather than smell clean and pure.


Lastly, pay close attention to the way your home feels physically. Rugs, pillows, fabrics, and furniture should all be geared toward comfort. Fortunately, few people have trouble with this aspect of creating a certain sense in their homes as we all like feeling comfortable in our homes. However, sometimes people neglect perfect opportunities to make their home even more comfortable. Rather than picking a rug based on its design, for instance, think about how it will feel between your toes.

In the end, creating the perfect atmosphere is all about being aware of your surroundings. Take a look around. Certainly there is something that can use a little improvement. Whether it is tidying up a bit or framing and hanging your favorite image, a little of your own personality is all you need to set the perfect tone.

Michele Duchet is an Interior designer at in NJ, USA and she works with schools and homeowners to help create a safe an elegant home decor, that feature lighting with a variety of lights and lamps.



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