Smart Repair Tips For Outdoor Furniture

Smart Repair Tips For Outdoor Furniture
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    Wouldn't you just know it? You pull out your outdoor furniture and have discovered rips in the fabric and cracks in the wood framing.

    Your furniture isn't that old and you'd much rather hold onto it for at least a few more years before investing in new outdoor furniture.


Fortunately, there are products you can use that can make even well worn outdoor furniture look its best. We’ll take a look at several problem areas and the smart repair tips you can employ.

Fabric Repair

Whether your outdoor furniture is cloth, leather or even vinyl, there is a furniture repair kit that can handle your repair job. Your challenge is to find the right kit for the job so keep in mind that some kits handle certain types of fabric such as cloth while others are specifically for leather.

For leather and vinyl, a repair kit such as one offered by 3M can get the job done. Read the directions first to ensure that minor cuts, tears and burns can be handled. Clean the affected area with a non-soapy cleaner. Use the included fabric backing to fill in holes and an adhesive to keep it in place. Then, match the seat fabric with the included sample. You may also need to fill holes with a liquid adhesive and allow it to cure. Heated compound is then applied to repair the damage.

Rusty Furniture

Rust and metal furniture seem to go together. Unfortunately, rust can make even the most elegant chair or table look terrible after just one season.

Given that rust is so pervasive, you need to tackle this repair assignment instead of giving up. Remove or disconnect the cushions and get yourself a wire brush or sandpaper to remove rust and flaky paint. Wash, dry and then coat your furniture with a metal primer. Lastly, add two coats of outdoor metal paint and your furniture will look great.

Reviving Teak

Wood surfaces are beautiful, but UV rays can damage finishes as can water. Before you know it your furniture looks weathered, gray and dingy.

The quickest resolution for handling teak and similar wood furniture is to sand the surface to remove the coating and to open the pores of the wood. Next, apply wood furniture reviver and then a protective finish to help make your wood surfaces sparkle.

Strap and Slings

Other garden furniture that can wear and tear includes hammocks, web furniture and umbrellas. Fortunately, each of these items are usually repairable.

Your home center should sell repair kits including straps, slings, snaps, buttons and more. It is impossible to give specific advice on varied products, but repairs are possible when the right kits are used.

Furniture Enjoyment

You can preserve the life of your outdoor furniture by limiting its exposure to direct sunlight and rain. When the season ends, clean each piece carefully, allow to dry and wrap in breathable cloth before you store it safely away for the season.

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