How to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Open

How to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Open
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    You pull up to the front of your home, activate the garage door opener and await for the wireless signal to be received.

    Nothing happens.

    You try it again. It still won't work.


After about the third attempt you realize that something is wrong and decide to pull into your driveway and leave your car there. Curious to know what the problem is, you enter your home through the garage side door and begin a process of troubleshooting to determine and fix the problem. The following steps can help you get to the bottom of the matter, making it possible for you to lift the door up and safely drive your car inside.

1. Open up the remote. Your garage door remote is likely powered by a pair of “AA” batteries. One or both may have worn out. Replace both and try again. If replacing the batteries does not work, consider that the remote itself may have worn out. Contact your door installation company to get a new one.

2. Inspect the tracks. Two tracks and a series of pulleys are what make your garage door work. These should be inspected to see if there is an obstruction present such as debris. Oil the hinges, rollers and related parts including the tracks, mounting brackets, springs and pulleys. Try the doors again.

3. Check the receiver. If you hear a hum, that means the remote is working, but the problem is with the receiver also known as the controller. Disconnect the cord to the controller and reconnect it. It may have may worked its way loose; by reconnecting the wire you may fix a loose connection and make your garage door operational once again.

4. Unlock the lock feature. At the control panel inside of your garage you may see find lock and light switches. The former locks the garage, the latter activates the light. Inadvertently, you may have pushed the lock switch in, rendering your garage door inoperable. Deactivate the button and attempt to open the garage door again.

5. Reprogram the garage door remote. At this point, if your garage door is not opening, you’re probably quite frustrated. You should reference the garage door owner’s manual for instructions on how to reset and reprogram the remote.

6. Inspect for loose fitting wires. Now back to the control unit. Inspect the control unit carefully to determine that the beam sensor is clean. Wipe off the sensor eyes and try opening the garage door again.

7. Inspect the chain that operates the garage door. The chain that helps the garage open and close is critical to its operation. If it is broken, you will need to call a service professional to have it repaired.

Garage Doors

Most electric garage doors can give you years of uninterrupted and reliable use. You can ensure that your garage doors are working properly by replacing your batteries periodically, cleaning the sensors, oiling the connections and by inspecting its many parts for signs of wear and tear.



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