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Fences and Gates

DIY Garden Fence Building: 15 Steps

Not only will a garden fence protect your garden by keeping out stray animals, but it can also add a more modern or vintage appeal to your home. With an affordable quality garden fence made of timber, maintenance for several years is possible and simple.

Fences and Gates

Fences Around Your Home, Which are the Best Choices?

Most homes look much better and feel more secure or even comfy with a fence of some sort around them. In the front they can be attractive. In the rear they sometimes are a necessity. The question often asked is this one: what kind of fence is best?

Yard and Garden

7 Yard Decor Ideas

Homeowners enjoy personalizing their yards, by adding decor that reflects their tastes and is admired by visitors and people passing by. You can add yard decor from the whimsical to the practical, finding a variety of items to fit most any budget.