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Heating and Cooling

How to Keep Your House Warm If You Don’t Have Central Heating

If he hasn’t already knocked on your door, Jack Frost is just around the corner, and temperatures are only continuing to decline. It’s about that time of year when people start cranking up their central heating systems to stay warm.

Heating and Cooling

How to Know If You Need to Fix or Replace Your Furnace

When you’re renovating an older home with a furnace that’s one of the more weathered systems, then the question arises whether it makes sense to book a maintenance visit or to replace the furnace outright.

Heating and Cooling

Broken Heater? How to Incorporate This Repair into Your Renovation

Having a furnace go out in the middle of a cold snap or when you have a houseful of holiday guests is an experience no one wants. Preventing these issues can be tricky unless you have tips from experts in the real estate and construction industries.

Heating and Cooling

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home Heating System

Oftentimes, our heating system remains an afterthought in our minds until it comes time to use it. Unless it’s cold outside, our focus is generally on our cooling system.