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Guide to Growing Herbs Inside Your Condo

Tweet Plant experts know that the best location for an indoor herb garden is the kitchen but of course you can grow them anywhere you want as long as the

Garden Plants

4 Tips For Growing Herbs Indoors During the Winter Season

Tweet Growing herbs indoors can offer a variety of benefits, from extending the season to providing a comfortable working environment, which is appreciated during the cold winter months. A sunny

Garden Plants

Better Herbs: How to Grow Yours With More Flavor

Growing better herbs starts with a better herb garden. It’s possible to grow a vibrant year-round assortment of herbs in a small space, such as an apartment balcony accessed through sliding doors, or a backyard patio.

Garden Plants

Herb Garden Tips and Ideas

Tweet Herbs have been used by humans for many a millennia, with medicinal properties recognized early on. Mint has long been used as a cleansing agent, rosemary for curing headaches

Garden Plants

Growing Your Own Herb Garden

Tweet One day when my daughter brought home a basil plant she grew for me for Mother’s Day, only then did I start to think that I could grow my