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Green Home

How to Recycle Your Stuff With Care

Tweet At least you would prefer not to compound your area’s garbage problem by adding in your own debris. Fortunately, what appears to be junk to you may be useful


Garage Clean Up and Junk Removal

Garages, particularly those that are attached to houses tend to get crowded with junk, with little to no room for cars. Somehow, we’ve turned a garage’s original purpose of temporary car storage into permanent junk storage, storing all kinds of stuff inside, including things no one needs.

Closet Systems

Making the Most of Your Closet Space

Tweet Closets are wonderful places to hang a hat or coat, but they’re also a source of consternation to homeowners and renters who may not be satisfied with the way

Home Storage

Should You Expand Your Home or Rent a Storage Unit?

Tweet Finding places to put everything you own. American homeowners, looking for more room, can expand their houses to provide what they need including more storage space. For some people,