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Decorating for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up. Now is the time to decorate for the event. But for decorations, use what you can find around outside and other natural items. Something that conveys the true meaning of the season.


Honoring Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a day to honor that many great blessings we have. Especially our harvest and freedom. Giving thanks on this special day.


Preparing For Your Thanksgiving Meal and Day

The Thanksgiving meal is one of the best meals of the year. But so much has to go into preparing for the event. You have turkey, pies, table setting, serving and more. And then there is the events after.


Getting Ready To Decorate The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is next week. Time to think how you would like to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Presented are some ideas to consider, plus references on how you might tackle this decor project.


Look At Outside – It’s Time for Thanksgiving Decor

Goodbye Halloween … hello Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to decorate your home n’ yard with Thanksgiving autumn decor. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use simple harvest food with some fall leaves to give you a nice display.