ideas: The Shapes and Looks of Stone Tile Flooring

The Shapes and Looks of Stone Tile Flooring

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stone tile flooring

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Varying natural stone tiles


  • Stone flooring is beautiful, durable and long lasting.
  • It is one of the most beautiful types of flooring that you can have.
  • Places you find stone flooring include kitchens, entry ways, patios, and other living area.
  • You can find natural stone slabs, tiles and rock – each that will be discussed in future posts.
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stone flooring

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Gnome complimenting a garden


  • Stone blocks are common material for patios, walkways, and pathways.
  • They are easily assembled upon solid foundation giving you a secured fitting.
  • You can find them in varied colors that match the surrounding decor theme (see sample below).
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stone tile floor

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Tiled stone flooring


  • Many natural stone materials can b cut and shaped into equal tile-sized layers.
  • This include quartz, slate, granite, marble and other natural and synthetic stones.
  • They are easily fitted to give you a beautiful floor for any room.
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stone tile floor

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Another sample of cut, layered stone


  • Varied types and colors of cut stone to fit on any room floor and/or outdoor patio or pathway.
  • Gives you different shapes and colors that will keep you spellbound.
  • You must install these natural stone fittings correctly to keep the floor intact.
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stone tiling

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Brick-layered stone


  • Another option is to mortar-mesh each stone in a brick-layered fashion.
  • Add a protective covering to keep your floor looking new and shiny.
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