ideas: Preparing for Window Replacement: What to Do Before and on Replacement Day

Preparing for Window Replacement: What to Do Before and on Replacement Day

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  • It’s exciting to have new windows installed, but the excitement may be replaced by disappointment if you’re not prepared for installation day.

    Unlike appliances where you can just rely on the delivery people to do everything, windows require quite a bit more work to install.

    As such, you’ll need to prepare your home for the installation process to flow smoothly.
    What exactly do you need to do before and on window replacement day?

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Before Replacement Day


  • 1. Decide on the exact type of replacement window you’ll need:
    choose a window the same size as the one you’re replacing. If you intend to replace it with one that’s larger or smaller,
    be prepared for the additional costs to resize the hole in the wall.
  • 2. Find a reliable contractor:
    in some cases, the distributor you purchased the window from will also be the contractor with the most
    qualified team to install the window.
  • 3. Have the contractor obtain measurements for your new window:
    once you have a window design in mind, have the contractor perform an inspection to validate that the
    design is suitable. Next, have them take the right measurements for your window.
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Professional contractor works efficiently


  • Ensure that the area where the new window is to be installed is free of any furniture, appliances,
    or any object that can become an obstruction.
  • In some buildings and communities, replacing a window will require a permit from the
    building management or community officials. Find out if you need to obtain such permits in your area.
  • Make sure that you’re around during replacement day to assist the contractors in case they need anything.
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During replacement day

The installation process may differ from one contractor to another, but will usually center around the following tasks:

These tasks include:

  • 1.Clearing the installation area:
    if you failed to prepare the area before the contractor arrives, they’ll need to clear the area themselves.
  • 2.Removing the old window:
    once the area is cleared, the contractor will proceed to remove the old window.
  • 3.Repair any damage to the wall:
    In the event that the contractor discovers minor damage to the wall,
    they may be able to repair it right then and there.
  • 4.Install the new window:
    If the contractor doesn’t need to increase or reduce the size of the hole in the wall,
    then installation shouldn’t take too much time.
  • 5.Ensure the quality of installation:
    Once the replacement window has been installed,the contractor will ensure that everything
    is securely in place and that all the mechanisms are functioning as they should.

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Other items needed for window replacement

These tasks include:

  • 1.Installing weatherproofing:
    to fill in gaps in the window installation, the contractor will install or apply weatherproofing materials.
  • 2.Perform any finishing touches:
    the contractor will install trims that will make the window look even more beautiful.
  • 3.Clearing up:
    the contractor will remove any debris and clean up the mess. Everything including furniture or appliances
    removed prior to the installation will be returned to their rightful places.
  • 4.Inspect the new window:
    make sure to inspect their work – don’t be afraid to point out any faults
    or installation mistakes that may cause concern

The bottom line is, no matter how much preparation you’ve done, successful window replacement will all come down
to your choice of contractor. If you work with a reliable window replacement company,
you won’t have to worry about how the project turns out.

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About the Author:
Lance Schepps is president and general manager of Renewal by Andersen® of Los Angeles. Lance is committed to helping clients make their homes more energy-efficient, comfortable and beautiful. He believes that the first step to achieving these goals is to help homeowners make smart window replacement decisions. Check out the company blog for more of Lance’s tips, industry news and company updates.


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