ideas: Building an Intellectual Home Library

Building an Intellectual Home Library

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  • Are you a bookworm? Someone who loves to hold onto their books and perhaps collect others?

    Then you need a home library room when your books can be nicely displayed.

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intellectual home library

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Designing your personal intellectual home library


  • If you love books then you will love having your personal intellectual library.
  • A room dedicated as your library – a place to relax and enjoy your reading and intellectural pursuits.
  • So let’s design your room just like a library with floor-to-ceiling wall units to shelf your entire book collection.
  • Add some comfortable seating furniture and tables and you will have a personal library in your home to enjoy and share with other book lovers.
  • What do you like about the image? Note the reading floor lamps next to three of the sitting chairs. They can elevate up and down depending on the readers preference. What comments can you share?

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intellectual home library

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Something in the modern style


  • Perhaps your taste is more modern – so why not a modern-looking showcase.
  • Note the individual bookcases – four on each side of the room.
  • A small gap separates each bookcase – adding to the distince modern look.
  • What else can you note? How about the suit-case coffee tables – gives the sense of both a library and travel explorer room. What comments can you share?

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intellectual home library

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Converting a basement


  • Your basement area could easily become your personal library – with a decorative spiral staircase leading up the upper floor.
  • Part of this converstion could include a basement bedroom.
  • A perfect secluded room for you to enjoy a book next to a fire – and then off to bed when the hour is late.
  • How should you decorate the book shelves? How about using the stairs? Books that are stacked end-to-end and or layed upon each other. Suggest that you mix up the books with the decor items. What comments can you share?

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intellectual home library

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Constructing a loft with staircase access


  • Perhaps you currently don’t have room for a personal library – so how about constructing a loft for our libary?
  • You can access with a staircase as illustrated or use a spiral staircase as an added decor piece
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  • Of course that might be a major cost development just for a library – perhaps your loft could serve as you workdesk area.
  • Using house plants? Note how house plants add to the room decor – adds some green to the overall dark colors you find in the curtains, sofa, loft rail, and bookcases. See our topic on using house plants. What comments can you share?

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intellectual home library

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Private library down under


  • One more image – this one with a converted basement into an intellectural home library.
  • You got to love the large studio light – both for illumination and decor.
  • Take a look at the floor? Mostly likely laminate or vinyl planks – very east to install and are perfect for basements that may be prone to moisture buildup. What comments can you share?

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