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Home Maintenance

Older Home? 4 Updates You Should Consider If Your House is 30+ Years Old

Tweet Here are four older home updates that you should consider if your home is more than 30 years old. 1. Fix the Roof People often refer to their house

Home Lighting

Too Dim? 4 Ways to Add More Lighting to Your Home

Tweet Here are just a few ways to banish the shadows from your home and cast new light on your decor. 1. Install Better Windows This will take a little

Sun Room

Living Lavishly: How to Turn Your Back Patio Into a Proper Sunroom

Tweet In fact, with a little knowledge and planning, you can turn the whole thing into a quick and painless project. Here are just four tips for preparing your patio

Home Values

Resale Response: What It Takes to Add More Value to Your Home

Tweet Let’s look at a few easy steps that you can take to increase the home value. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint New paint makes a home look fresh

Renovation Designs

Feeling Cramped? How to Remodel Your Home to Feel More Open

Tweet You may have acquired items, added onto your family and more over the years. Over time, your home may have started to feel smaller because of these factors, and

Home Values

Upping the Worth: Top Remodeling Tips That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Tweet If you’re a practical person, you’ve probably thought about how those changes could affect your equity. Here are some remodeling tips that can help to increase the value of

Home Safety

Black & Green: 4 Steps to Take After Discovering Mold in Your Home

Tweet If you find mold growing in your home, it’s important to take the right precautions to ensure it is removed properly and doesn’t spread further. Here are four important

Home Renovation

Remodel Mistakes: Top Things to Watch Out for When Renovating Your Home

Tweet Here are four of the top things you should be watching out for when you start in on a major home renovation project. Projects That Will Spawn Other Projects

Home Renovation

What to Do When Your Home Improvement Project Is Becoming Too Much

Tweet What do you do when your home improvement project becomes too much for you to handle? Well, to answer that question, here are four things that you should do:

Home Renovation

Remodeling Stress? How to Improve Your Home with Little Hassle

Tweet Instead of stressing yourself out over the simplest things, though, take some time to plan ahead before you begin improving your home so that it gets done in a

Home Automation

How to Increase the Value of Your Home with Cool Technological Advancements

Tweet If you have smart upgrades in your home that are part of the “Internet of things”, then your home is undoubtedly more efficient and convenient—which will undoubtedly make your

Yard and Garden

How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Backyard

Tweet Add beauty and luxury to just about any yard with a simple installation or some landscaping. Encourage your family to get outdoors, spend some time together, and smell the

Kitchen and Dining

Simple Steps: How to Refinish Cabinets the Easy Way

Tweet There is hidden beauty beneath their rough appearance, and the following steps will help bring out that beauty. granite countertops • butchen block • laminate • marble • quartz

Yard and Garden

Backyard Bahamas: How to Create Your Own Private Paradise

Tweet CBS Money Watch details some outdoor living spaces that cost millions to make. Here are ways to develop your own paradise at home to suit your own budget and

Just Bath

4 Small Things You Might Be Overlooking in Your Bathroom Remodel

Tweet If you have recently decided to tackle this project, then take a look at these different upgrades and features that many homeowners tend to overlook. The Exhaust Fan Your

Energy Savings

Warm It Up: 4 Tips to Better Insulate Your Home

Tweet Here are four tips to improve your home’s insulation during the cold winter months. Seal Your Doors As long as your doors are relatively new, then you might be

Energy Savings

Is Your House Green Enough? A Guide to Creating an Eco-Friendly Living Space

Tweet That’s a two-fold situation well worth pursuing. Stay Cool and Keep Warm You can lose a lot of cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter

Home Maintenance

When All Else Fails: What to Do When Your House Seems To Be Breaking

Tweet Those who allow some of the key systems in their homes to fall into disrepair might have to deal with life-altering mishaps such as burst pipes, pest infestations, and

Home Renovation

Renovation Craze: The Phases of Putting Your House Back Together Again

Tweet This is understandable, especially since a homeowner’s happiness is often based on the overall design of their homes. Still, there are a number of stages you have to plan

Home Maintenance

Aging Homes: How to Combat How Old Your House Is

Tweet Here are a few tips anyone can use to upgrade and update their home on a budget. fluorescent • LED • electric car chargers • generators • insulation •