The Appeal of Historic Homes

The Appeal of Historic Homes
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    Older homes have a certain charm and character that appeals to many people. In a sense, they are like time capsules from the past.

    A well-tended structure is like a dignified ambassador representing those who lived in another era.


Some people are fascinated by the idea of owning a home with historical significance, while others envision costly repairs and living without many modern conveniences.

Real estate agencies such as are best equipped to help those interested in historic homes to decide if investing in one is the right decision for them.

The Historic Home

Not all older homes are designated as historical sites. To be eligible, the property must be nominated and meet the criteria set by state and federal preservation entities.

City municipal codes must also be met with additional considerations for historic district rules and regulations.

In return for meeting the guidelines set by historical registries, the homeowner could be eligible for grants and tax credits to better preserve and maintain their property.

Historic Home Criteria

In most states, homes must be over 50 years old to be considered a historical site. If all the homes within a certain area of the city have the same attributes, such as mid-century modern or Victorian design, then it might be easier to have the whole sector declared historic.

Besides age, characteristics necessary for a home to be designated as historical includes:

  • The site yielding relevant information about the period it was built
  • The architectural design and other characteristics embodying a unique construction build
  • An association with a famous historical figure
  • A link to a significant historical event

Buying a Historic Home

When thinking about buying a historic home, It is best to secure the help of a real estate agent who is knowledgeable in the legalities and quirks of securing such an investment. A considerable amount of legwork and research will be needed to secure information about rules, zoning laws, easements, grants, and available tax credits.

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It is best to know exactly what ownership of a historic home entails to successfully steward the property. Certain renovations might not be allowed, so if not being able to modernize a kitchen is a deal-breaker, you can walk away before more time and energy is invested in finding your dream home.

If the property you desire is well-kept and part of a designated historical district, plan on spending more to acquire it. The good news is that the property should maintain its value well and whether an economic downturn better than homes in other areas.


Maintaining a Historical Home

Ownership of a historic home carries a weight of responsibility and has a certain civic duty attached to it. On one hand, you have a unique property with a plaque proclaiming it as such, but on the other, you have taken on the role of being a guardian for something that, without proper maintenance, can fall into disrepair.

Fire safety has to be considered, as well as protection from termites and weather damage. Fortunately, many historic properties are eligible for grant money to help with upkeep, and that is valuable information to have before investing.

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Community Participation

Expect your historic home to generate a lot of interest from people in the community. You could be asked to participate in heritage house tours to raise money for charities and other causes. Also, depending on its history and architectural design, your home could be a popular tourist attraction.

Owning a historical home is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to want to share their distinctive investment. However, individuals who are passionate about caring for beautiful old properties with historical significance might find it the perfect fit.

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