Specialized Repair of the Garage Door

Specialized Repair of the Garage Door
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    A garage door is made up of two components including the door itself and the opener.

    Overhead garage doors operate on spring tension.


As the door moves along the metal tracks, the springs provide the power. Garage door tension springs once in defect, they are serious to repair hence require care to prevent injuries. If you can’t manage to fix the problem on your own, seek a specialized technician in garage door spring repair specialist.

Tools Needed for Torsion Spring

In a heavy garage door, the springs apply twisting force to the torsion tube. The most common problem with heavy garage doors is broken springs.

Materials and tools required for repair include;

  • Bottom brackets
  • Lift cables
  • Double-life torsion springs
  • Clamps
  • Cordless drill
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Winding bars
  • Safety glasses
  • Hammer
  • Rags
  • Locking pliers
  • Socket set
  • Leather gloves

Steps to Garage Door Spring Replacement

Start by getting a rough measurement (diameter and length) of your springs. Then measure the height and width of the door. Purchase double-life springs for replacement.

Yank the cord and unplug the garage door opener. Clamp locking pliers to the track just above one of the rollers. This facilitates in preventing the door from shooting up when you wind the new springs.

Shove a winding bar into the bottom hole of the winding cone. Loosen the setscrews and allow the spring to push with powerful torque. Insert a second winding bar at the 9 positions then remove the bottom bar.

Unwind the spring a quarter turn and leapfrog the winding bars. Remove the nuts and bolts that fasten the stationary spring cones to the center bracket.

Snap a C-clamp onto the center bracket to hold the torsion tube in the bracket. Disconnect the lift cables by loosening the right and left lift cable drums. Slide the torsion tube to the right. Remove the cable drum then slide the old spring off the tube.

Check the spring wire diameters and determine the hand of the spring. If the end of the spring is pointing up to the right, it’s a right hand while if the spring is pointing up to the left, it’s a left hand.

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Install the spring and reassemble. Slide the new torsion spring replacement onto the torsion tube. The stationary cone should face the center bracket. Reinstall the cable drum with the garage door wire.

Connect the stationary cones to the bracket. Shove the bar to the left and slide to the center bearing. Reinstall the drum and connect both stationary cones to the center bracket.

Snap the lift cable lover the pin on the replaced bottom brackets. Insert new rollers. Run the lift cables straight up between the doorjamb and the rollers. Slide the lift cable stop through the slot on the drum.

For even door opening and tension, tighten the setscrews. Use garage door lube spray to saturate the spring. Test the tension spring by lifting the door about 3 feet by hand.

The Need to Call Experts for Garage Door Spring Repair

The procedure to access the torsion spring is tedious and requires a closed position hence if any anchor bolts are mishandled could cause slips and fatal injuries

Repairing springs require a specialized understanding of the system. Springs work together with winding drum and cables hence attachment of the parts could lead to physical injuries

Trying to fix manually may lead to the door crashing down.

Heavy garage doors require huge amounts of force.

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Garage door torsion springs are made from twisted heavy gauge metal. The springs create force in the opposite direction as that of the coil. The torsion springs provide the cables with the force needed to lift and lower the door.

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