How to Tell the Difference Between the Flu and COVID-19

How to Tell the Difference Between the Flu and COVID-19
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    Some people notice the similarities between the flu and COVID-19.

    They know that that both illnesses affect the respiratory tract.


Both diseases infect people in close contact with one another spread by airborne droplets released through the nose and mouth. However, epidemiologists warn that COVID-19 is more severe than the flu. By doing some research, you’ll see how the two illnesses are different.

Shared Similarities

Both COVID-19 and the flu share similar symptoms that don’t manifest in people the same way. Fever, fatigue, body aches and shortness of breath are some of the common symptoms that start to develop once someone gets infected. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, determining the disease’s course and intensity of pain that follows.

The mortality rates for both influenza and COVID-19 are relatively low compared to the total number of cases, although COVID-19 is currently deadlier than the flu.

There are other similarities as well. Some people may not experience many symptoms at all. Physicians have discovered that both illnesses have asymptomatic cases, referring to the lack of visible signs that could easily indicate presence of the infectious agent.

Another important similarity lies in their economic response. Several businesses have recognized how easily both diseases can spread, having placed effort in enforcing virus decontamination Connecticut guidelines for employees to follow.

Definite Differences

The differences between COVID-19 and the flu cannot be ignored either. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, a virus doctors have not studied extensively due to its recent emergence. There is a currently a lack of scientific knowledge concerning COVID-19.

There aren’t any definite answers that explain how coronavirus spreads, how it attacks the body and the long-term effects that affect the immune system. On the other hand, more extensive research has been done on influenza.

Scientists are currently conducting trials to test different treatment methods for COVID-19. Other scientists are currently testing various vaccines to determine how effective they are in protecting people against the virus.

Currently, the use of facial masks, consistent hygiene practices and public social distancing are the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unlike the flu, there are no approved antiviral medications that can treat coronavirus.

other valuable tips:

It’s important to know the difference between the two diseases. The higher fatality rate and lack of treatment options make COVID-19 a more immediate threat to the public by challenging their social well-being, disrupting the economy and discouraging people to discover new opportunities.

However, you can take proper precautions by washing your hands and avoiding close physical contact to reduce the risk of getting infected.

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