Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Bathroom

Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling a Bathroom
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    Like any part of your home, the bathroom is highly important.

    Many issues may develop if you neglect your bathroom maintenance; mold, pests, and wood rot are just some examples.


Like any part of your home, the bathroom is highly important. Many issues may develop if you neglect your bathroom maintenance; mold, pests, and wood rot are just some examples.

When these issues arise, many people find it’s best to do a complete remodel. This is a great way to revamp your bathroom and eliminate these problems, but a full remodel could present some issues of its own. Any homeowner must read these mistakes to avoid when remodeling a bathroom to keep their home appealing.


Overspending is one of the biggest mistakes people make when remodeling their bathrooms. It’s easy to purchase too many materials and go over budget.

To minimize these costs and make the most of your budget, plan out what you need before starting the project. This way, you can purchase all your tiles, cabinets, accessories, and other essentials based on what you really need.

Configure all the expenses you need to track and be aware of.

Neglecting Mold

Another mistake people often make is neglecting mold or mildew in their homes. This can ruin the aesthetic of your new bathroom as well as cause serious health problems, such as asthma, lung disease, and allergic reactions.

One of the main causes of mold or mildew growth is water damage, which is usually visible through water stains, soft walls, loose or missing tiles, and noticeable odors. Be sure to account for these issues during your project.

Improper Furnishings

Mismatched furnishings or poor lighting, drainage, or paint jobs can ruin your beautiful new bathroom. Lighting fixtures and outdated towel bars are easily fixable. Simply match metals, woods, and tiles to create flow and positive energy.

Similarly, you should implement proper lighting to brighten the space and provide a flattering atmosphere.

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Forgetting Storage Space

Storage space is important for any room, but it’s especially essential to your bathroom. You need the proper space to store your toiletries, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, towels, medications, and personal belongings. Avoid the clutter and include cabinets and drawers to easily access these items when you need them.

You can even add storage space to a tiny bathroom with some easy hacks. Hooks, bar carts, item corrals, baskets, magnets, and shower caddies are all great storage options no matter what size bathroom you have.

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Lacking Proper Ventilation

Another important aspect of bathroom remodeling, especially with older homes, is including proper ventilation. Some homes have windows in the bathroom, but this still may not allow for enough ventilation.

Install a unit such as a ventilation fan to reduce condensation and prevent mold growth. Good-quality ventilation fans can be costly, so invest wisely. When you budget correctly, you can still install a high-quality ventilation system without overspending during your remodel.

It’s imperative that you connect your ventilation system to the outside to completely exhaust odors and moist air. When condensation collects, mold will grow.

What other tips can you provide regarding a remodeling bathroom area? We invite you to share your experiences below.

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