The 5 Most Valuable Home Improvements

The 5 Most Valuable Home Improvements
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    There are many good reasons why you would like to renovate or upgrade your home.

    Some of you might be thinking about selling.

    Therefore, your goal is to sell your property at the highest price possible.


On the other hand, some cannot imagine living anywhere else. Your home is your safe haven. However, you still want to make changes, so you can feel even more comfortable in your home. Whatever the case may be, there are many things you should take into consideration before you dive into the renovation.

We want to help you. Therefore, we are giving you this list of the most valuable home improvements that you can tackle.

Types of Valuable Home Improvements

Before we start mentioning specific home improvements, you must understand all different types of home improvements. Here is a short and simple list of valuable home improvements that might help you realize what you really need:

  1. Improving your home for your own satisfaction. You love your residence and you want to make it even more comfortable and beautiful.
  2. Improving your home because you want to sell the place. Hence, you want to get a greater value for your real estate.
  3. Improvements that are not visible to others. These improvements are tricky because once they are done they will not be an asset. However, if not performed, they can drag down your property’s asking price. For example, fixing or upgrading your heating and air conditioning system.

Home renovations are always easier if you have support

5 Most Valuable Home Improvements

Since we’ve covered the main types of home improvement, you should be able to decide into which category you (your improvements) will fall. Without a doubt, we are ready to start planning or at least discussing the most valuable home renovations with you.

  • Improving Your Kitchen

    Many consider the kitchen to be one of the most important rooms in a household. It is the place where meals are prepared. Later, these meals can be enjoyed by the entire family. In my home, dinner is the only time during the day when the whole family can sit together. For this reason, it is no surprise that the aesthetics and usability of a kitchen are very important.

    However, be careful when planning your kitchen remodeling. This is not the time to overspend because it is very likely that that money will not come back to you if you decide to sell your home. Focus on fresh paint and energy saving appliances.

    Many of us wish that our kitchen looked like this


  • Don’t Forget Your Bathroom

    Another room that is always good to improve is your bathroom. Especially if your home contains only one bathroom. An additional bathroom can be super convenient for your family. Also, it can be a great addition if you want to sell your place.

    If you are looking to just renovate your existing bathroom, make sure you don’t rush. Be patient and browse all the stores. Many of them will have major sales on different kinds of sinks, shower curtains, and other bathroom necessities. That being said, a bathroom renovation can easily be the most valuable home improvement, only if you watch your spending.


  • Not Enough Space, No Problem – Add Another Room

    We already spoke about adding an additional bathroom, but what about a whole new room? Additional square footage is always a great idea. There are two major benefits if you decide to make this type of home improvement. Firstly, you will have additional space to use however you please. Secondly, additional square footage is always a great thing if you are looking to sell your property.

    The rooms that might be most convenient for this project are the attic and basement. However, you know best which room in your home is the most suitable for this valuable home improvement. In any case, be careful. With this type of renovation, your budget can double if you run into a problem, so be mindful with budgeting.

  • Add a Deck

    If you prefer staycations over vacations, you seriously need to consider adding a deck if you do not have it already. Since many of us are stuck in offices all day, being able to be outside once you are finally home sounds very nice.

    We have already mentioned that home remodeling is pricey, so there is no surprise that the same goes for this type of venture. If you decide to make this valuable home improvement on your own, keep in mind that you need special tools for it. On the other hand, if you decide to hire a contractor, you need to shop around. Find a few contractors, meet with them and ask them to provide estimates.

    You don’t like to vacation. No problem. Do a staycation


  • Energy Saving Isolation

    Last but not least, one of the most valuable home improvements is energy-saving isolation. Not only is saving energy trendy and green, but it is also profitable. If you buy new kitchen appliances that use less energy, you are on a good path. This can be the second step in your energy saving mission.

    You can make small but valuable changes that might cost you a little, but will save you a lot in the long run. You can redo your attic isolation, fill in all the cracks around the house, etc. Also, a lot of energy is wasted around doors and windows. Make sure you check them out and see if they need to be changed or just retouched.

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We mentioned all the valuable home improvements that you can make to make your home a more comfortable place. Also, these improvements can up your real estate’s value. Before we check out, we must mention two things that you shouldn’t forget. Be careful with your renovation budget. Additional costs always creep in.

In addition, take local factors into consideration. For example, if you are in Florida, you will have many opportunities to use an outdoor deck. Good luck with your remodeling adventure and remember that the end result will be worth the pain.

Author BIO:
Milan Smith is well-traveled and experienced in the field of moving and real estate. He has lived in 5 different countries in Europe and 4 different American states. His favorite place to live is New York City, NY. While in NY, he moved many times. Whenever he moved, he used DA Moving NY, since he was very pleased with their service. Currently, Milan is living in Budapest, Hungary.

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