Rising Trends of the Amish Decor Today

Rising Trends of the Amish Decor Today
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    Amish décor has its roots in a culture that is several centuries old.

    As some of the first settlers to arrive in the United States, the Amish people maintain a way of life that is reminiscent to the earliest days of European settlement on this continent.


The Amish people are renowned for their hard working, agrarian lifestyle and for their superior craftsmanship and artisan tendencies. Amish furniture is especially esteemed for its durability, quality craftsmanship, and beauty.  Despite the rootedness of Amish culture, the furniture they produce is markedly flexible and adoptable to even the most modern home styles.

Below, we offer a succinct introduction to the rising trends of Amish décor today, and offer a few suggestions for how you can incorporate this aged, yet surprisingly modern, style into your home.

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The Robustness of Solid Wood

Several domestic furniture makers have faced pricing pressures from global competitors in recent years. This has led many furniture manufacturers to cut costs during production, mostly through opting for engineered wood products.

Instead of solid wood chairs, tables, and sofas, and cabinetry, many manufacturers are prioritizing fiberboard and other more inexpensive options. While the thin, surface veneer of fiberboard can be fabricated to look just like solid wood, any homeowner will know the vast difference in quality that exists between solid and engineered wood.

amish furniture

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Amish furniture will almost always be made from 100 percent solid wood, offering a feeling of robustness and permanence. Furthermore, whereas engineered wood products include glues and adhesives that could potentially off gas dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your home, solid wood furniture is the safer and more beautiful option for your interior decoration strategies.

For example, whereas cheap dining tables made from engineered wood are usually hidden away as a complementary aspect of interior design, an Amish dining table made from solid wood can easily serve as the center piece for an interior design strategy. Leg tables that can be expandable to incorporate up to 20 members for large family dinners offer flexibility and stately design features that can anchor your dining room design.

Wood and Plants

Studies have increasingly shown the benefits of incorporating plants into your interior decorating schemes. Not only does plant life help to purify the air in your home, but the biophilic tendencies of allowing the natural world to infiltrate the space inside the walls of you home also brings a number of important mental health benefits.

Succulents are one current interior plant trend that can easily be incorporated with solid wood Amish furniture. From simple table centerpieces that can be arranged for seasonally-themed decorations to more elaborate succulent wall hangings mounted on beautiful Amish frames, the natural, earthy look of succulents go perfectly with the candid, natural feel of solid wood Amish furniture.

amish furniture

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Another way to combine plants and Amish furniture for a unique interior design approach is through placing potted bamboo palms, spider plants, sword ferns, and other mid-sized air purifying plants on top of plant stand furniture of varying heights.

The tropical green colors of these plants coalesces stunningly with the darker, more solemn earth tones of natural wood. Furthermore, Amish-made plant stand furniture can be strategically purchased at different heights to allow for ferns, vining plants, and other flowers to best be noticed.

Antique Designs with Modern Technological Conveniences

As we mentioned at the outset, one of the main draws of Amish furniture is that it maintains a direct connection to agrarian cultures that maintain faithfulness to the values of durability, resilience, and good work. Most Amish furniture designs will incorporate traditional, aged, and vintage design elements that are highly sought after and introduce a sense of frugal elegance into any home.

amish furniture

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Even though many Amish communities have made the collective decision to eschew modern-day technology, many Amish furniture makers will incorporate technological elements into their furniture design. For example, custom-made Amish nightstands combine the solidity of quality Amish craftsmanship with technological customizations such as charging stations for your phone, tablet, or computer.

Amish designers can often include USB or standard outlets into these charging stations along with nightlights. You might even be able to find night stands that include hidden compartment for your wallet, jewelry, and other valuable items.

Modern-day Amish furniture, then, is unique in that it balances the robust aesthetics and durability of solid wood furniture with the functionality and practicality of tech-oriented furniture. Homeowners interested in reducing their ecological footprint can also find sustainable furniture options. Amish furniture makers often source the wood from high quality hardwoods such as walnut, oak, and maple that are locally harvested by their farmer neighbors.

The Combination of Wood and Textile

amish furniture

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Lastly, while Amish furniture is mostly known for the solid wood it uses, many furniture makers are introducing modern styles that uniquely blend wood and textile operations. Leather-upholstered headboards for the master bed offers a distinguished feel to one of the most important rooms in the home. Lighter colored textiles incorporated into wood tables, sofas, and chairs can make your roof feel warmer, lighter, and much more welcoming.

While Amish furniture offers a connection to the past and a feeling of stately elegance that reminds people of the days before “planned obsolescence” seemingly became a guiding norm in the furniture industry, it is also extremely adaptable to modern times. The rising trends of Amish décor today mentioned above are just a few possibilities for incorporating solid, beautiful, and durable furniture that will be a part of your home for decades to come.

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