Feng Shui for Home Decor and Furnishing

Feng Shui for Home Decor and Furnishing
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    Within Asian culture, Feng Shui is based on age old wisdom regarding recommendations for the orientation of furniture and objects in order to influence the flow of energy in and around the home.


Feng Shui principles are applied for creating a harmonious environment in the home via placement of objects and furniture, including the use of natural light through windows and doors.

A connection to nature is integrated via philosophies of Feng Shui incorporating elements of water, fire, wood, earth, and metal into home design, decor, furnishing, and renovation.

A connection to nature optimizes chi between humans and their environment, via the meridians, including the brain spinal cord and circulatory system for optimal flow and wellness inside the home.

Positive Impacts

The psychological and cognitive, physiological impacts of these elements on the body and mind integrated on a daily basis, cannot be underestimated. Such architectural and interior design can benefit as a buffer to high pressure tasks or circumstances when one comes home from work, or when one is facing stressful life events.

Instead, the homeowner can come home and feel relaxed connected, grounded, and in good spirits immediately as they walk through the door into their own home.

Examples of the wood element: Desk space is recommended to resemble natural components such as a desk or counter tops in bathrooms with texture resembling water designs.

Desk spaces can use natural wood which is also calming to promote relaxation while using the desk space at home.

Using blue colors can promote relaxation and using durable non breakable glass for a kitchen table with a metal base for example, can add a more metallic feel thus incorporating another element.

Using Plants and Other Vegetations

For an earth balanced feeling, a plant wall might also be stimulating in the kitchen with fresh herbs ready to pick while cooking can be used easily. Some sort of greenery in the room may also be helpful to connect the homeowner with nature and his or her surroundings.

Filling the windowsills with hanging plants to look at can bring the eyes outside to relax the mind, while invigorating and replenishing the body.

The earthy colors of brown, green, and beige also help to provide an earthy and grounding element to the spaces in the home.

To add a hint of fire element, some element of color with red/orange/or yellow tone will help, although wide windows with sunshine streaming through may just do the trick.



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